June 29, 2017
Justin Bieber Takes Selena Gomez Back To Canada As Romance Continues

Justin Bieber has taken Selena Gomez home to Canada, as their rekindled romance seems to go from strength to strength.

Jelena has hit the Great White North.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted arriving in Toronto, Canada by private plane early Wednesday evening, before being escorted from the landing area by airport security.

Fans on Twitter and Instagram shared photos and video of Jelena's journey to Justin's native country, before the "Baby" superstar posted selfies and pictures of the seemingly loved-up pair online.

Although the Biebs, 20, and Selena, 22, haven't officially declared their relationship status, their trip to Canada after nearly a month of dates, fan and paparazzi sightings of the couple and social media posts of Selena by Justin - which he usually deletes.

For the moment, this retro black and white snap of the lovebirds is still up at the heartthrob's Instagram page.

Justin Bieber Joined By Selena Gomez In Canada

(Photo: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in Canada, Wednesday, August 27, apparently dressed for the cold.)

And it seems the flight gave the four-year, on-off sweethearts an appetite. The twosome were reportedly spotted picking up take-out at a Tim Hortons restaurant in New Hamburg, Ontario, at around 7.30 pm on Wednesday.

A source revealed to E! News, "His [Justin] dad lives around here and he has come through here about three times this year."

The insider continued: "Selena came to the counter with the bodyguards and Justin went into the bathroom. They came in and ordered a bunch of food and drinks. "

Then added: " They ordered paninis and crispy chicken sandwiches and donuts. They had bodyguards with them so some of the food may have been for them too."

Not surprisingly, given the insanity that kicks off whenever either star steps out, the source said the pair seemed keen to stay low-key.

"Justin and Selena did not speak to each other and I think they were in separate vehicles," it was revealed.

(Video: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez arrived by private plane in Canada.)

As yet it's unclear whether Jelena's jaunt to Canada is for business or pleasure. But it was certainly planned.

Earlier this week Justin Instagrammed a black and white snap of his younger brother and sister Jaxon and Jazmyn and dad Jeremy, with the caption: "I miss you guys I'll see you soon."

The getaway could also be a quick break ahead of Bieber's ongoing alleged assault case, which is scheduled to be heard next on September 8 in Toronto. Or, the pair may have just needed time away from recent dramas in Los Angeles.

Justin Bieber headed to Canada

(Photos: The much-in-the-news entertainer took selfies during the private flight.)

Justin Bieber

Those dramas, included the "Confident" singer almost getting caught up in a shoot-out that targeted hip hop mogul Suge Knight at a pre-VMA party hosted by pal Chris Brown in West Hollywood last weekend.

A day later, the Biebs was accused of attempted robbery, battery and theft over a cellphone, during a date with Selena at a Dave & Buster's in Hollywood. His red Ferrari was rear-ended by a paparazzo the next day.

Either way, Jelena have taken their non-declared romance to Canada, in oh-so-perfect time for Labor Day Weekend.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Selfie In Canada

(Photo: The bashful "Come & Get It" starlet and her beau in a Shots snap posted from his homeland.)

[Images via Shots, Instagram, Boyfriend video BTS still.]