‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Season 11 Recap: The Top 4 Battle It Out

Tonight on Fox, the top four danced their hearts out for the chance to be named the next So You Think You Can Dance champion. This year’s line-up is essentially a battle of the tappers versus the contemporary dancers. The final four battling it out for the SYTYCD title are Zack Everhart Jr., Jessica Richens, Valerie Rockey, and Ricky Ubeda. In this, the semi-final show, the contestants had the chance to work with all-stars Aaron Turner, Kathryn McCormick, and Robert Roldan, with Jesse Tyler Ferguson as guest judge, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports.

The show kicks off with a group performance that was choreographed by Travis Wall and set to “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

Next to hit the stage is Valerie and Ricky, who perform a Sean Cheeseman Afro-jazz routine that garners strong praise from both judges. Not to be outdone, Jessica and Zack then perform a swanky Broadway number that challenged both dancers, but to hear the judges tell it, both Jessica and Zack nailed it.

Valerie and Zack would then pair up to dance out a Tyce Diorio number which was performed to “Pearls” by Sade. This is a haunting number about a blind woman and the man who is there to support her. The judges called the performance moving and further confirmed why Valerie and Zack are both part of the top four dancers vying for the So You Think You Can Dance crown.

Jessica and Ricky would answer Valerie and Zack’s performance with a Ray Leiper jazz routine. Jessica and Valerie would then embark into foreign territory with a lively Bollywood routine that had all the judges raving. Zack and Ricky would then show the girls how the boys get down with a hip-hop battle that has executive producer Nigel Lithgow creating new words. He praises Zack and Ricky despite the both of them being the “least swagtastic” performers to ever dance hip-hop.

Valerie gets a chance to tap with all-star Aaron Turner from season ten which garners a standing ovation from all three judges. Ricky then gets a chance to dance a Stacey Tookey contemporary number about an angel working to bring a tortured soul solace. This performance left not a dry eye in the house, and Nigel both singing the praises of the performance and also calling out suicide as “stupid” and “unnecessary.”


Zack would get his chance to tap with all-star Aaron to Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” before the night was over and Jessica and Robert are paired up for a contemporary routine. Both Zack and Jessica receive high praise from all three judges for their performances with their all-star partners.

Peppered throughout all of tonight’s performances was a look back at each individual contestant’s journey from auditions to their place on the top four and each dancer has a chance to perform a solo for the audience. Viewers were also treated to a moving live performance of Jason Mraz’s new single “Love Someone.” A special announcement was also made regarding a SYTYCD season 11 top ten on tour throughout the end of the year.

The show came to a close with host Cat Deeley reminding everyone watching to vote for their favorite dancers. The top boy and top girl dancers will be crowned next Wednesday during the season 11 finale. Tune in to catch the results at 8 PM EST on Fox.

[Photo credit: Fox.com]