Does President Barack Obama Want To Defeat The Islamic State? Josh Earnest Skirts Answering That Question [VIDEO]

The international threat of the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), has been prominent in news throughout the world, has has many drawing lines. For most, the Islamic State poses a threat to the world in general, especially with their tactics. This includes their methods of martyrdom, ransoming, and campaigning.

It should also be reported that the results of the Islamic State’s actions have been reported here on The Inquisitr, and most of them are horrendous. Young children, Christians, and even reporters who want to report the truth like James Foley were beheaded. Churches, including the historic tomb of the Holy Bible’s Jonah, were destroyed. These are just some of the atrocities left in the wake of the Islamic State.

Our president, Barack Obama, has made a statement to stand up against the terrorist organization, but reports show that the White House press secretary may be skirting around on the president’s words.

According to an article by The Blaze, CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Josh Earnest a simple question that required a simple answer of either “yes” or “no.” It was during Wednesday’s White House Press when Acosta asked if the president’s strategy to defeat the Islamic State was to defeat ISIL. Earnest answered the question, but indirectly.

“First and foremost Jim, the president’s strategy is to protect Americans who are in harm’s way. There are Americans in Iraq right now whose safety is threatened by the recent advance of ISIL across western and northern Iraq.

That’s why the president ordered military strikes and that’s why the president has been so deeply engaged, and the vice president and others, have been so deeply engaged in encouraging the Iraqi government to unite that country in the face of that threat. But principally, the president is focused on protecting the national security of the United States of America and in this case protecting American personal that are in harms way.”

Jim Acosta would not be deterred as he informed that Josh Earnest’s answer is for a different question, then asked again if Barack Obama wants to defeat ISIL. Earnest would once again skirt answering so Acosta had to used his reporting skills to get a straight answer in which he utilized Obama’s remarks in a speech when he called the Islamic State “a cancer.”

“When you have cancer, typically, you want to defeat cancer. You don’t want to die from cancer right?”

Josh Earnest answered yes to the question in which Jim Acosta would then ask the following.

“If ISIS is a cancer, does he want to defeat it?”


It was then that Josh Earnest finally answered yes to the question, followed by explaining the goal of this action. The situation being reported by the source is that it took Jim Acosta three times to get a straight answer to a question pertaining to the president’s plans with the Islamic State.

The dialogue between both Josh Earnest and Jim Acosta can be viewed in the video below by Real Clean Politics. The video also includes another part of the conference that got people’s attention when Earnest stated that the Obama Administration is not concerned about a 9/11-style attack from ISIS.

What do your views on what the United States, specifically President Barack Obama, should do about the Islamic State? Do you think our country is in danger of a 9/11-style attack from ISIS? Please let us know in the comments below.

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