‘Sons Of Guns’ Star Will Hayden Arrested For Raping His Daughter: Show Now Cancelled

Star of Discovery Channel’s Sons Of Guns, William Hayden, has lost his respect, his money, his TV show, his career and now his freedom due to his arrest for aggravated rape Wednesday, as reported by CNN. But that doesn’t even compare to what the 13-year-old girl lost when he molested and raped her.

“Given the serious and horrific nature of the charges against William Hayden, we have decided to halt further production of Sons Of Guns and cancel the series,” Discovery Channel said in a statement about the star of its reality show, according to Deadline.

Sons Of Guns was a reality TV show based on Red Jacket Firearms, a custom weapons company Hayden founded in Louisiana. Red Jacket Firearms buys, sells, refurbishes and design custom firearms.

Fox News received documents from the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office revealing that Hayden is accused of raping his daughter “almost daily” since March 2013. The child lost her virginity to his rape at the innocent age of 11. ELEVEN!!

The raping and molestation is said to have continued up through July 2014, according to the documents. The child victim told detectives that she was afraid to come forward and report what Hayden was doing to her, because he threatened to hurt her physically if she turned him in. TMZ reports that Hayden warned the child,

“Don’t tell them nothing, because I’m all you got.”

Evidently, this behavior was nothing out of the ordinary for Will Hayden. Fox News reports that Hayden was arrested as recently as August 9 for the “molestation of a juvenile and aggravated crimes against nature.” A bond was set for $150,000, which Hayden posted, and he was then released.

Hayden’s lawyer claims that these charges were simply claims made by a bitter fired ex-employee who was out to seek revenge.

At the time of Sons of Guns star Hayden’s first arrest, Discovery Channel made no public statement, although there were allegations at the time that the show was cancelled. However, according to Fox News, Hayden’s adult daughter who also stars on Sons Of Guns, Stephanie Hayden Ford, took to her Facebook page and posted,

“Guys the show is NOT cancelled! We so appreciate the outcry of injustice but [it’s] not true, I guess some [people] just need ratings… We are on a hold with filming while my family takes care of a few things. You guys are the best fans ever & we love you so much! Thank u for standing strong with us!”

But just a mere two weeks later, now that Hayden is arrested again, but this time for raping his very own daughter, Sons Of Guns has most certainly been cancelled and Stephanie has deleted her previous Facebook post.


Now, in addition to his original charges, a new warrant was out for Hayden’s arrest for “aggravated rape of a child” that includes a bond of $250,000. According to The Times-Picayune, Hayden, considered a fugitive, was apprehended in Livingston by cops with the support of U.S. Marshalls.

Hayden’s company, Red Jacket Firearms, is distancing itself from its founder and the Sons Of Guns star based on their public statement on the company website making it very clear in stating they have “initiated and received full legal separation as an entity” from Hayden. As CNN reports, they ended their statement saying:

“With heavy hearts, we will be continuing to operate and ensure the fulfillment of new customer orders, back orders and to provide support to those affected by these new developments. WE are the Heart and Soul of Red Jacket and will remain steadfast in our commitment to quality and our customers, for years to come.”

Due to the sensitivity of the information in the case, and the young age of the child, further information is sealed from the public. The question remains if Hayden will post his bond again and regain his freedom.

Photo Credit: Web.poptower.com