‘Teen Mom’ Star Chelsea Houska Reveals Adam Is Making An Effort

Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska has been taking care of her daughter Aubree on her own since she was born. When Aubree was a couple of years old, Adam Lind decided that he wanted to be the father figure for her that she was missing, and he took legal action to make sure they got a fair custody agreement.

But even while filming Teen Mom, Houska had no problem telling her friends and her father that Lind wasn’t making an effort. Just on last week’s episode, Adam showed up late to Aubree’s baseball game, and Chelsea Houska had no problem calling him out for it. But things have changed for Houska and her daughter.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska is now revealing that Adam is stepping up. This morning, she shared two pictures on Twitter, revealing that it was Aubree’s first day of school. And Chelsea wasn’t alone in the family picture.

“Little beeb was happy we were both there for her first day,” Chelsea revealed, sharing a picture of herself, Aubree, and Lind.

And Houska’s daughter looked proud and thrilled to be going to school for the first time. She posed for a picture, and Houska was proud of her daughter.

Even though Chelsea Houska has been taking care of her daughter by herself, she hasn’t always gotten support from viewers. For one, Chelsea has always been very focused on drama, appearances and makeup. According to The Inquisitr, Chelsea even had dreams about being a Kardashian and hanging out with the famous sisters. Sometimes, fans of the show call her priorities into question.


But recently, the Teen Mom star was criticized out of the blue for something that turned out to be a mistake. Chelsea Houska posted a picture of her daughter at the airport, as they were in New York for the weekend, shooting the reunion special. In the picture, her daughter’s hair is in a ponytail, but one follower thought Chelsea had shaved her daughter’s head.

“Are you serious? she’s a f**king CHILD!!!!! why tf would you shave half if [sic] her f**king hair,” the follower wrote in anger.

Luckily, Chelsea didn’t have to answer to the follower. Many people came to her defense, saying that the hair had not been shaved off. In addition, even if it was shaved off, it wouldn’t change how supporters see her parenting of little Aubree.

Are you surprised that Chelsea Houska is letting Adam back into their lives, given he was absent for so long?

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