University of Iowa LGBT Students Want Their Own Lifestyle Floor In The Dorms

If members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Alliance have their way there will soon be an LGBT floor at the University of Iowa.

The LGBT Allied Union has petitioned the university for the floor and say they need 50 people to apply for the request to become a reality.

The organization had also asked that the ability to request a room in the LGBT friendly dorm be added to the University Housing and Dining request form, however only 10 students took advantage of that option. The group believed they will gain better traction if the LGBT floor becomes “better advertised.”

The University of Iowa currently offers more than a dozen lifestyle floors however until this time they have all been focused on specific areas of learning such as business, engineering, education and others. Should the floor become a reality it will be given the same Living Learning Communities (LLC) classification as educational based floors.

If the new residence floor become a reality the University of Iowa will be the first state university in Iowa to offer an exclusive LGBT living environment.

Some opponents say it will only serve to breed hate and animosity among students living on the floor. Do you believe having an LGBT floor is a good idea?