Lil Kim Feuds With K. Michelle On Twitter… Over Nicki Minaj

Lil Kim and K. Michelle are reportedly good friends, but judging from their recent interaction on Twitter, you’d never know it.

Remember when people really loved Lil Kim? Not just the hardcore, diehard fans, mind you. Once upon a time, some people believed that she was the undisputed Queen of Rap. Unfortunately, Kim has put more money into plastic surgery than she has recording albums. This ultimately allowed others to swoop in and steal the title, something that probably doesn’t leave the rapper feeling too friendly.

The aforementioned situation came to a head shortly after the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. K. Michelle, clearly jazzed about Nicki Minaj’s performances at the event, decided to express her feelings about the “Starships” rapper on Twitter. Unfortunately, K. didn’t prepare for the virtual torrent of hate she received from Lil Kim fans.

“Yessss to the Queen of rap. Nicki did that! Jessie J sings her face all the way off,” Michelle tweeted, a post that included the hashtag #Salute.

Not surprisingly, Lil Kim fans immediately came to the rapper’s defense. Since they firmly believe that she’s still the Queen of Rap, their responses weren’t quite so positive. Michelle waded into the fray, prompting Lil Kim to get involved in the drama.

“You know I love you girl but ur tweets were a little shady. It’s definitely ok to like both. We don’t hate over here,” Kim eventually replied.

When Michelle decided to lash out at Lil Kim’s fan, this only made the situation worse. The rapper explained, “But you can’t be coming 4 #teamlilkim my fans. They been here before I met U. I still love U but right is right & wrong is wrong,” wrote Kim. “I wouldn’t do that to U or ur fans. Saying f**k them is like saying f**k me.”


The situation continued for a while, comments such “respecting elders” and “too old for Twitter” were tossed around, and then the tweets vanished into thin air. Of course, several websites were able to snag them before they disappeared into the digital ether. Which is why we’re having this conversation, obviously.

If Lil Kim is still feeling any animosity towards Nicki Minaj these days, then it’s probably time to let that go. The Inquisitr previously reported that Bronx rapper Remy Ma, fresh out of a New York correctional facility, believes Kim and Nicki need to squash their differences and get back to what’s most important: making music.

“It’s been going on for too long. That’s one thing. On Kim’s part, I would have liked if she put out more music. Not just music directed at the person she’s upset. Just music in general. If you feel like you hold a certain position, it’s so easy to prove that by putting out material.”

What do you think about the beef between Lil Kim and K. Michelle?