O.J. Simpson Embracing Islam In Prison, Mike Tyson Reportedly Helping Him Find Allah

O.J. Simpson has a lot to repent for in his life, having been accused of murder, among other things, and where better to do that than in prison.

As often happens in jail, inmates have a lot of time to think about their crimes and many of them naturally turn to religion in their quest for answers and perhaps a touch of repentance.

Islam is an increasingly popular way of finding the Almighty in jails across North America and Europe. For whatever reason, more and more inmates turn to the Koran and convert to be Muslims, although many become born-again Christians too.

Radar Online reported that O.J. Simpson is turning to Islam and that his buddy, Mike Tyson, who is known to be a devout Muslim is helping him to find Allah while inside.

AZcentral.com also reported that Simpson, now aged 67, took an interest in Islam due to conversations he had with fellow inmates who themselves are Muslims.

oj-simpson islam

An inside source revealed to the publication that Simpson’s wish to convert to Islam may have something to do with his recent bid, and failure, to obtain a new trial:

“O.J. really thought that he was going to be successful in a bid for a new trial and eventually be released from prison. But now he’s not eligible for parole until late 2017, which has angered him.”


This isn’t the first time O.J. Simpson has reportedly found God in prison. Back in 2013, his manager, Norman Pardo, told reporters that his client had indeed found the Lord and was preaching to other inmates — even wanting to become a TV evangelist!

Apparently, when that plan didn’t work out, O.J. turned to Islam and is said to be learning Koran and praying.

The source added the Ramadan was apparently a tough month for O.J. Simpson and that he wasn’t able to fast regularly:

“O.J. didn’t quite make it through the entire fasting process. He cheated during the day, and bought snacks from the prison canteen. But he’s really serious about converting to Islam. O.J. even made himself a prayer rug for his prison cell. He really likes the idea that upon converting to Islam, all of his previous sins are forgiven. O.J. has a lot to be forgiven for.”

It’s hard to know if the rumors about O.J. Simpson converting to become a Muslim are true, as we wait for further leaks from inmates and the tabloid press alike for an update on O.J.’s current religious persuasion.