Obama Sending More Drones To Africa, Hopes To Target Islamic Militants

The Obama administration has announced plans to send more U.S. Drones into Africa, specifically in the areas of Somalia and Yemen where the current administration believes they would best be able to track Islamic militants.

To support the new aircraft a base is being built in Ethiopia, while drones are already being deployed from the US base in Djibouti.

According to the Washington Post a "drone base in the Seychelles will be used to target Islamic militant groups, as well as pirates that plague the Indian Ocean island nation."

The drones which can be controlled from bases in the US can be configured for surveillance or missile strikes.

Plans to release the drones over the African skies comes as new intelligence shows militant Islamic groups increasing their co-operation among various groups.

A senior US official tells the Wall Street Journal:

"We do not know enough about the leaders of the al-Qaeda affiliates in Africa," while they added, "Is there a guy out there saying, 'I am the future of al Qaeda?' Who is the next Osama bin Laden?"
U.S. Drones are being more actively used for spying and battle purposes however they are not without their faults, a recently downed CIA Drone in Pakistan led officials in that area to fight with Taliban insurgents. When unmanned U.S. technology falls from the sky it often means that technology is going to fall into the hands of the Chinese or other military operations.

Do you think the U.S. should be added even more drones to their already over extended territorial pursuits.