‘Glee’ Season 6 Scoop: Rachel To Take Over New Directions?

After what seems like a very long summer, Glee fans are finally getting some specifics about the final season of the Fox show. One surprise is that Rachel Berry played by actress Lea Michele, may return from the Broadway stage to give a helping hand to her old high school in Ohio.

We already knew from previous reports that Ryan Murphy wasn’t going to be including New York City as a central location in the story this upcoming season, but we had no idea that this is where Rachel’s journey would go too.

According to TVLine this will all happen within the six month time jump that Murphy plans to make possible to drive the story lines forward. Last we left Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry she was about to embark on her own television show despite just making her Broadway debut in Funny Girl. Six months later and Rachel is said to be starting her new journey back to Ohio after a “humiliating failure as a TV actress.” It’s stated that because of this she will return and lead the Glee club.


As far as where Sue Sylvester will come in, the main villain of the series will still be causing some trouble. According to the site, Sue will still be the head honcho causing more chaos, but we don’t know if that means it will be in the fictional high school McKinley High. This comes into question because most of her storyline was about making chaos for the Glee club, and since the Glee club is no more, we don’t exactly know where she fits in.

The site also reports:

“Blaine and Sam will also find themselves in Lima with Mr. Schue, and all three are said to have found ‘surprising new gigs.’ (Rumor also has it, Mr. Schue will lead Vocal Adrenaline, while Blaine will head up the Warblers.)”


As we reported season 6 of Gleewill only have a 13 episode order. Additionally the main cast members for the upcoming season will include Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, Chord Overstreet, Amber Riley, and Matthew Morrison.

As for how it will all end, Ryan Murphy promises that the season will get back to the origins, especially in the last scene, which was originally slated to be between Rachel and her fictional boyfriend Finn. After actor Cory Monteith’s death, Murphy had to figure out a different ending that would still serve the story despite an integral piece missing.

“It’s about Rachel and Mr. Schue and it returns them to their origins and their roots, about how they felt about each other when they were younger and everything was idyllic. That ending has to be a reflection and celebration of how far all those characters have evolved.… The main thrust of [the episodes] will be a final farewell to all of our characters that we’ve known since season one.”

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