Action Movie Kid: Super Cool Dad Makes World’s Most Epic Home Movies Of Son [Video]

Action Movie Kid may be the greatest superhero you never heard of — but wait. On second thought, maybe that title belongs to his dad.

Daniel Hashimoto is a special effects guy who, by day, works his magic for DreamWorks Animation right there in Tinseltown. But by night, he turns into Super CGI Dad, creating spectacular sci-fi and superhero adventures on video for his little son, James.

This week, he posted the second video in the father-son series, Action Movie Kid Volume 2. You can see volume 1 at this link.

Their new video of the incredible, and incredibly cute, adventures of James Hashimoto seems to derive more from the world of action video games than action movies. But with a father-son project this awesome, who’s quibbling?


Needless to say, all of what you’re about to see in this video, and in Volume 1, is computerized, digital illusions. So don’t get any funny ideas about filming your own preschooler scaling skyscrapers and firing laser weapons. Nothing in this video was the least bit unsafe — it just looks that way through the miracle of Hollywood magic.

Action Movie Kid has made the media rounds, appearing on national TV and receiving coverage in major magazines. Check out the Action Movie Kid Facebook page to follow all of the adventures — real and imagined.