Did Kalon McMahon Cheat On Lindzi Cox During Their Relationship?

Kalon McMahon comes across as a very confident man. His confidence is so bold that people just assume he is arrogant and selfish without getting to know the real person. So, when Kalon showed up this week on Bachelors in Paradise, no one was eager to give him a chance.

Of course, Kalon’s past comments about Emily Maynard’s daughter came up once again. On The Bachelorette, Kalon said that Emily’s daughter was baggage and everyone took it in a negative way. The only person who fell for his charm was Lindzi Cox. The two met on Bachelor Pad and dated for months after leaving the show.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Kalon McMahon and Lindzi are no longer together. Cox did reveal that they had broken up, but a reason for the split was never given. Of course, the couple was an odd match to begin with. She was the sweetheart from Ben Flajnik’s season, and Kalon McMahon was the bad guy from Emily’s season.

But Lindzi may have talked about her failed relationship with Molly Mesnick, who had no problem discussing Kalon McMahon on her podcast program with her husband, Jason Mesnick, after watching yesterday’s episode.. And it sounds like the arrogant Kalon was just as bad in his relationship with Cox as he was on Bachelors in Paradise.

“I know personally that he was not very nice to Lindzi. It was her birthday weekend and he was going to come into town, and then at the last minute said he couldn’t because he had something going on. Then, one of our mutual girlfriends was in Vegas and saw him at the pool with a bunch of other girls,” Molly revealed about Kalon McMahon.

While Mesnick doesn’t exactly spell it out, she does call McMahon a two-timer. In other words, she is hinting that Kalon cheated on Cox, which could have been the reason why their relationship ended.

The Inquisitr revealed that Kalon’s time on Bachelors in Paradise would be short-lived. When he arrived on the show, he was carrying a date card. But given how his past has played out on the show, it wasn’t surprising that none of the girls wanted to go with him. So, he went alone.


But Kalon McMahon has been mocking his bad reputation on the show, and even played it up on Twitter while Bachelors in Paradise aired yesterday.

In case anyone is wondering… Yes! We are still together! #BachelorInParadise pic.twitter.com/hd7aI4CI3H

— Kalon McMahon (@KalonMcM) August 26, 2014

Do you think Kalon McMahon cheated on Lindzi? Do you think that he only thought about himself in the relationship, which rubbed people the wrong way?

[Image via OK Here Is The Situation]