LeAnn ‘Rape Joke’ Rimes Thinks She’s Fit To Call Justin Bieber ‘Stupid’

LeAnn Rimes has called Justin Bieber ‘stupid.’ Apparently her own conduct doesn’t qualify.

LeAnn Rimes is on a roll.

After two cracking out two rape jokes this past week, the singer took time out from her usual schedule of insulting the equally insufferable woman whose husband she had an affair with, to pass some judgment on easy target Justin Bieber.

During a guest appearance with her husband Eddie Cibrian on Joan Rivers’ talk show web series In Bed With Joan (which premiered online Tuesday), 32-year-old Rimes gunned hard for the 20-year-old Canadian.

Asked for her view on Bieber’s hard-partying reputation and legal woes, Rimes snarked:

“I always say if you’re going to party like that, don’t leave your house. Just don’t leave your house, you can do it all you want, just don’t be stupid. I think nowadays people are stupid… and everybody has a camera phone.”

No doubt alluding to her many public gaffes – which include posting a photograph on Twitter celebrating the fact that she’s a homewrecker, and remorselessly declaring that she has told Eddie’s kids about their affair — the reality TV show star went on:

“It just makes it worse. And when you think you own the world, which anybody could, trust me, I’ve been through the same feelings, you know everything at 16 and ‘Oh my god, I’m selling millions of records, why do I need to listen to you?'”

Rimes added: “But you get hit in the face with that pretty quick and I guess, you either learn from it or you can spiral way downhill from there.”

It’s perhaps not surprising LeAnn was asked to weigh in on the Biebs by Rivers. The veteran comic previously made comments about the “Baby” star on her Fashion Police show, which some considered racist.

Inevitably, some Bieber fans aren’t impressed by Rimes’ remarks, as seen in comments at Ocean Up.com.

Some noted Rimes’ now perpetual tacky behavior, with most specifically drawing attention to the two tasteless rape jokes she rattled off on the same show.

When Rivers offered the singer and Cibrian cocktails during their talk, Rimes swapped with her hubby and said, “this one might be roofied.”

Later in the chat, after she was asked losing her virginity, Rimes responded:

“I was in Monte Carlo and I was 15?” she said, adding, “I know, it’s kind of a bulls— story. I was 16. There you go.”

“Was it nice? Was it bad? Was he nice?” Rivers asked, pressing for details.

“Well, he was my boyfriend for like three and a half years,” Rimes explained. “He was fine. I think I raped him. I think that’s how it happened.”

Something of a public backlash followed on Twitter after the episode aired, while one media commenter thought it useful to have rape discussed.

One irate Twitter user wrote:

“I thought @leannrimes was just cheap entertainment but her joke about rape proved she’s ignorant trash. She deserves everything she gets.”

“It’s not intelligent and VERY offensive to joke about rape @leannrimes,” said another.

The “How do I love” songstress has yet to respond directly to the criticism. But it’s interesting that Rimes is quick to slam Bieber as “stupid,” yet thinks an online show that’s accessible to any age group is an appropriate place to joke about a humiliating, violent sexual crime and date-rape through drugging.