‘Pranna Brunch Problems Summer 2014’: Stumbling Drunk Behavior Of Restaurant Patrons Raises Eyebrows, Rage (Video)

What do you get when you put together restaurant patrons all too eager to take advantage of a New York “bottomless brunch” and an angry neighbor with a video camera? A train wreck of interesting, drunken, video footage that looks like a social experiment gone horribly wrong.

While most of us have seen our share of folks who either can’t handle their liquor, just had it sneak up on them, or both, this New York YouTube video chronicling an assortment of drunken, stumbling, sometimes vomiting, imbibers, showcases some of the worst in drinking etiquette.

The New York Post reports, and the approximately 10-minute video of drunken episodes reveals, that the restaurant’s name is Pranna, in the Flatiron District of New York City.

The restaurant is popular for its “bottomless brunch” which, along with the food part of brunch, also includes as many mixed cocktails, mimosas, bellinis and/or sangrias as one cares to stomach. As evidenced in the video, this leads, to much unfortunate behavior as many of the Pranna bottomless-brunch customers spill out onto the streets, both literally and figuratively, the booze having firmly taken hold.

drunk, girl, lady, help
A female patron, with the help of a friend, tries to regain her composure outside Pranna in New York City.

New York’s PIX 11 reports that the video, shot from high above the street level Pranna restaurant, is believed to have been created by the same person that posted another popular drunken video featuring a man who claims his dad “owns half of f**king Manhattan” (clip contains foul language).

This videographer, along with other Pranna neighbors and businesses, has grown more and more frustrated with the results of bottomless-brunch.

One of those businesses is a Taco Bell, which receives its share of post Pranna bottomless-brunch revelers, according to the manager, Ayesha Khadun:

“They order food and make a big mess. One time, a girl was outside laying on the ground with vomit, and they came in and got water for her.”

Similar stories of drunken bedlam also emerge from the neighboring Carlton Hotel, guests often complaining about the pandemonium generated by the drunken brunchers:

“It’s just chaos,” explained one employee of the four-star hotel. “Groups of people throwing trash cans at each other. People fighting.”

drunk, guys, party on
A group of guys party on outside the liquor store conveniently located next door to Pranna, home of a bottomless-brunch.

But not so fast, says Rajiv Sharma, proprietor of Pranna, along with his wife Payal, and purveyor of the bottomless-brunch. Mr. Sharma reportedly feels there may be a conspiracy afoot, the video possibly being created by a competitor or angry neighbor that is trying to negatively effect Pranna’s liquor license which needs to be renewed by the end of September, and is currently in the middle of the delicate renewal process.

“We know this is a planned, targeted, timeley attack on Pranna,” said Mr. Sharma. “We have a community board meeting tomorrow so you can see how the timing works.”

Well, there’s an old saying: “The big eye in the sky don’t lie”, and while this is generally directed at mistake-prone football players during game films, it also seems appropriate while watching, Pranna Brunch Problems Summer 2014. And please be forewarned that a vomiting incident does occur during this drunken compilation:

Images and video via YouTube