New York Mother Abducts Her 8 Children, All Kids Have The Same Name

Users of the NotifyNYC system received a message today regarding eight children who were taking from child services by their mother, oddly the kids all have the same name.

According to the notification:

“The NY State Dep of Criminal Justice Services has issued a Missing Child Alert for 8 children, all named Nephra Payne ages 11 months to 11 years. Last seen near 112th Street in Forest Hills Queens at 5 PM on 9/19/11.”

According to the NYPD mother Shanel Nadal took her children during an authorized visit.

CBS 2 says the children are as followed:

Nephra Payne Male/11-year-old; Nephra Ceo Payne M/10; Nephra Shalee Payne M/6; Nephra Umeek Payne M/; Nephra Yahmen Payne M/4; Nephra John Payne M/9; Nephra Rahsul Payne M/6; Nefertiti Payne F/11 Months.

The ACS told ABC Local:

“ACS and our foster care agency began working with the NYPD immediately after the mother absconded with the children from a visit at the foster care agency yesterday. Earlier today, we sought and received active warrants from the Manhattan Family Court for the arrest of both parents and for them to produce the children to the Court. We ask for the public’s assistance in locating the children, and appreciate any assistance that they can provide the NYPD.”

Shanel Nadal is believed to be traveling with her children and husband Nephra Payne. The family is believed to be driving in a black 2003 Ford, 4-door sedan with NY license plate number ZDF6104. The family could also be crammed into a 1993 black Infinity J30 with the NY license place ETK1598.

If you see either of those vehicles or hear a mom calling a bunch of children by the same name you are urged to immediately call 1-800-577-TIPS.