Selena Gomez Dating One Direction’s Niall Horan, Split With Justin Bieber Again?

Selena Gomez has apparently split up with Justin Bieber once again; but she’s reportedly already moved on as she has been spotted with One Direction’s Niall Horan, which has immediately led to speculation that the duo are dating.

Pop Candles TV have uploaded a video that they insist shows Gomez and Horan arriving at Los Angeles’ infamous Chateau Marmont hotel on Tuesday evening. Unfortunately its almost impossible to recognise who is actually inside the two cars that are in the clip, as the black vehicles both have tinted windows. All you can really see is the two automobiles arriving in the hotel’s parking lot, all while paparazzi furiously try to snap a picture of the duo that are supposedly inside.

Over the last few weeks though rumors have insisted that Gomez has once again rekindled her relationship with Bieber. The duo originally started dating back in December 2010 before their courtship eventually came to an end in January 2013. However, since then their romantic situation has changed on an almost monthly basis.

Early this summer it looked as though Bieber and Gomez had officially drawn a line under their time together as a couple. This even saw Gomez become good friends with Taylor Swift once again, as the “We’re Never Getting Back Together” singer had previously fallen out with the Spring Breakers actress after she told her pal that Bieber wasn’t good enough for her.

However it now looks as though the duo are once again on the brink of becoming a couple again after they were spotted spending several evenings together. It’s still early days for their rekindled love though, which is why Gomez might have decided to spend the evening with Horan; maybe she even used the One Direction singer to make Bieber jealous. Or there’s every chance that neither person in the video is either Horan or Gomez and that Pop Candles’ video actually just features two random individuals.


Earlier this year speculation started to swirl that Gomez and Horan had started dating just after she had called time on her relationship with Bieber for the umpteenth time. They were spotted together in London on Valentine’s Day, while back in 2012 they were spotted flirting with one another at that year’s Kids Choice Awards.

It’s still not certain that Horan and Gomez have actually spent time together again recently, especially since Bieber just won’t stop being romantically linked to her.

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