WWE News: John Cena Still Wrestling Despite Numerous Injuries, WWE Future In Doubt

The fact that John Cena is able to wrestle, let alone walk, after his beat down at the hands of Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam is a testament to his strength, will and passion for the professional wrestling business. WWE is very lucky to have a man like Cena at the helm, because nobody displays all of the necessary traits a “face” of an industry quite like Cena.

Now, that beat down he received at SummerSlam? That came with a price. Reports are now saying that John Cena’s WWE future is in doubt, after continuing to work with numerous injuries.

According to PWInsider.com, over the past 6-8 weeks, backstage talk in WWE is that John Cena is still dealing with some type of shoulder injury, and he is also starting to develop issues with his neck. These are nagging injuries stemming from years of wear-and-tear in the ring.

Additionally, several people in WWE have noted Cena seems to have slowed down a bit, and is not moving as well as he used to, which is becoming a backstage cause for concern.

No matter what, nobody should be happy that Cena’s career is on the downside of it. He is a normal human being that is popular with the crowd and the WWE brass. He doesn’t bury younger superstars, cause an uproar backstage or flat-out quit on the spot before Monday Night Raw.

Cena is a company man first and foremost. Throughout his WWE tenure, Cena’s made sacrifices that only a legend would do. He works the most grueling schedule of any WWE superstar. That being said, there has to come a time when Cena decides to hang up the tennis shoes and cargo shorts.


Shawn Michaels alluded to it during the forum, which is never a fun decision to make, no matter how popular the WWE superstar is. It does come as a surprise, because Cena’s style in the ring is not as reckless as Seth Rollins or Daniel Bryan. That’s why the latter will not survive in the wrestling industry longer than Cena or the Rock. Their wrestling style doesn’t take vicious bumps that could break any bone on impact.

With Cena’s in-ring career coming to a close in the next few years, the chances for him to turn heel look bleak. The WWE Universe will not be pleased with that result, but Cena must listen to what the WWE brass says. Fans are even claiming that he shouldn’t win the title at Night of Champions. Well, not to point out the obvious, but he shouldn’t.

John Cena deserves time off and it is much-needed. He is a workhorse that will not live forever. The more wear and tear he endures, the less time Cena has left. WWE needs to admit that Cena won’t be around for a few months. Maybe the WWE Universe will praise them for doing so.

[Image via reviewstl.com]