Liam Payne Twitter Fail: One Direction Singer Has Nudity On The Brain

Liam Payne and the rest of One Direction will head into St. Louis for a show tonight (August 27), a performance that apparently won’t feature any nudity. Sorry if that slice of unexpected information ruins your evening.

Payne decided to share his excitement about the forthcoming concert by issuing a wonky post on Twitter. Instead of explaining how the upcoming show isn’t named after Louis Tomlinson because he isn’t a saint (get it?), Liam accidentally replaced “named” with “naked.” Whoops! Not surprisingly, tons of fans immediately noticed the blunder and quickly passed it around. Such is life.

In the under 20 minutes, Liam Payne’s Twitter fail was retweeted 38,000 times and favorited by 49,000 micro-bloggers. It’s anybody’s guess what Liam was thinking when he issued the tweet, but apparently clothing was optional.

Poor Liam. Perhaps this will teach the guy not to post anything to social media before giving it a quick look. After all, folks can avoid such embarrassing and unsightly mistakes by proofreading anything they intend to share with the world beforehand. Note: If you find a typo in this article, feel free to label me a hypocrite in the comments.

Of course, this isn’t the first time something Liam Payne posted to Twitter has captured the attention of eagle-eyed One Directioners. According to Unreality TV, Payne sparked engagement rumors with a simple two-word tweet during a recent show in Arlington. When girlfriend Sophia Smith made her way closer to the stage, lots of folks believed he was preparing to pop the question. Perish the thought!

As you can probably imagine, Liam Payne fans started freaking out over the possibility of the guy getting married. They didn’t hesitate to share their feelings on the matter.


Today’s lesson is simple: If you’re Liam Payne, making Twitter mistakes is adorable. For the rest of us, it’s probably something we want to avoid.

[Lead image via Social Register]