Dog-Gone-It! Suri Cruise’s New Dog Is Missing! $1000 Reward!

Suri Cruise, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, has lost her new dog. Just two weeks ago, Katie and Suri went to their local animal rescue shelter, Studio City Sanctuary, in Los Angeles and adopted Honey, who still goes by her original name, Maple. Honey/Maple is a tan Chihuahua, per Daily Mail.

Honey had been out swimming in the outdoor pool with Suri on Sunday. Suri and Katie left to go to a friend’s house, but forgot to put Honey’s collar back on before they hit the road. Evidently, they forgot to close the front gate, too, because that is how they believe Honey got away, according to Page Six.

So, now Honey Maple is missing, and Suri is surely devastated. Suri and her mom, Katie Holmes, have been seen all around town posting “Lost Dog” flyers — around 50 to be exact. But who’s counting?

As reported by US Magazine, the flyer reads,

“Honey aka Maple


Chihuahua Mix

1 yr old

10 lbs

No collar

Last seen at Benedict Canyon and Green Acres”

The picture shows a precious little puppy wearing a fancy pink dress. I’m guessing she wasn’t wearing a dress or a swimsuit when she ran away.

There is a $1000 reward offered for Honey aka Maple’s safe return. Although in the pictures, all phone numbers have been blurred out.

It has to cross everyone’s mind, is Katie Holmes really giving out her cell phone number to every Joe Blow on the street? What do celebrities do in cases like this? Do they purchase a disposable cell phone just for things like this?


This is a sad time for little Suri, and all of us who have beloved pets understand the hurt she must be feeling. There have been lots of changes in Suri’s life as of late. First the split of her parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, then her mom starts dating Robin Thicke, which would be enough to make any child freak out, and finally, her mom buys a $4 million home in Los Angeles which has 6200 square feet with six bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Suri's new home

Could it possibly be that Honey aka Maple never ventured out the front gate and is actually somewhere in that monstrous house moving from room to room without being seen? Is she playing Hide and Seek?

Hopefully, Suri will get her furry friend back soon.

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