Google+ Gets Added To Klout Scores

Users who have abandoned their Facebook accounts in favor of Google+ will now be able to receive additional Klout scoring of their own. The social media ranking service on Tuesday announced the inclusion of Google+ ranking in their algorithm.

Klout would likely have enabled Google+ earlier however the company only released their Google+ API for developers five days ago, allowing content to be pulled from the network but not posted at this time. Thankfully for Klout developers they only need to pull in data to offer ranking numbers to site users.

At this time being added to other users circles won’t increase your Klout score, however users can receive higher rankings through the use of +1s and commenting via their Google+ account.

To begin receiving Google+ Klout users must first visit their Klout dashboard and then choose the Google+ integration option.

Klout currently ranks the social networking reach of more than 100 million people.