November 7, 2016
Al Pacino's Hot Girlfriend: Lucila Sola Flaunts Bra In Sheer Tease Top

Al Pacino knows the scent of a hot woman. The veteran actor's girlfriend, Lucila Sola, flaunted her assets with a sheer top that left little to the imagination.

Al, 74, and Lucila, 35, were snapped together in New York after arriving from a cross-country flight on Thursday. They both smiled for photogs and appeared to be in good spirits, despite trekking across the country from Los Angeles, according to a Daily Mail report.

Pacino was shown in his trademark dark garb; dark trousers, matching coat and dark aviators. Al complemented his fashion statement with a two-tone shawl and leather uppers. However, his girlfriend was the center of all the snaps.

With her hair down, Sola donned a free-flowing sheer lace top that showed off her black bra underneath, a tight pair of black leggings and beige suede ankle boots. She was enchanting in every sense of the word -- and somehow she knew it, as evidenced from her demure smile to fans and cameras.

Al Pacino and Lucila Sola have been dating since 2010. At the time, the news shook up tabloids and social media over the Scarface star's new girlfriend, some 40 years his junior.

In many ways, Al's gal pal bears a striking resemblance to Apollonia Vitelli (Simonetta Stefanelli), who married Michael Corleone, Pacino's character in the original Godfather film.

Al Pacino never married and has lived a bachelor's way of life most of his life. However, he fathered three children; 13-year-old twins with Beverly D'Angelo and a 24-year-old daughter, Julie Marie, with former flame and acting coach Jan Tarrant.

At nearly three-quarters of a century old, Pacino shows no sign of slowing down. His girlfriend, Lucila Sola is one way to keep him young; the other is indulging in his love of acting.

The beloved actor is two film projects in the works and both are being screened this year at the 71st Venice Film Festival. In David Gordon Green's Manglehorn, Pacino plays in the role of a rural Texas town locksmith, who hankers over a long-lost love interest.

In The Humbling (Barry Levinson), the actor stars alongside Great Gerwig. Pacino portrays an aging and struggling actor who is having a fling with a younger woman. You sly little thing, you.

Had this been real life, it would be true except for one small matter: He's not struggling. Perhaps, Al Pacino's philosophy is "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Arguably, his girlfriend Lucila is his fountain of youth.

[Image via: RTE]