Titanic Necklace Nicked From Exhibit in Copenhagen

Between this and the recent theft of John Travolta’s rare and valuable Mercedes, there’s only one explanation… Carmen Sandiego is back in action.

One of the surviving relics recovered from the ill-fated Titanic has been nicked in Copenhagen. A gold-plated necklace was lifted from an exhibit in Tivoli park in the capital of Denmark, and Tivoli spokesman Torben Plank confirmed thieves made off with the jewelry some time on Saturday. The so-called “Titanic Necklace” wasn’t a stunning, high-priced jewel like the once central to the film’s story and pictured above on Kate Winslet in the “draw me like one of your French girls” scene- but its age and history gave it a value of nearly $20,000.

Plank confirms too that the piece was jacked without setting off any alarms, a circumstance he admits is “embarrassing.” The spokesman said that it’s believed the thieves were not experienced and that there were items of higher value within the exhibit that they could have taken instead. Also, resale value for the necklace is inhibited by its notoriety:

Exhibition owner Luis Ferreiro said the necklace had an insurance value of more than £12,000. But he added that whoever stole the item would get only a fraction of its worth on the open market – as its historical value was far greater than its value as a necklace, and it was too well known internationally.

He said: ‘It was very important piece. The artifacts tell stories about the people aboard.’

First-class passenger Eleanor Wildener of Philadelphia owned the necklace originally. Wildener survived the disaster and it was said the necklace was found in the pocket of the body of her butler.