Homer Simpson Takes On The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! (Video)

As if the Every Simpsons Ever wasn’t enough action going on for Homer Simpson, now he takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Who would have ever thought the Ice Bucket Challenge would have ever reached the likes of Springfield? Oh, but it did! Or should we say, D’oh! But it did?!

Everyone will be gathering around the water cooler to talk about this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! The Rappler tells how Homer opens up his video by extending the challenge to his friends. He says, “Ok, this is Homer Simpson. And I challenge Flanders, Lenny…and Flanders again! Oh, and why not….Donald Trump! So, Flanders gets a double dousing and including “The Donald” is rather amusing, too.

Homer tries to get by with just pouring a cold cup of water over his head, and expects us to believe that his over-exaggeration of coldness is believable. Homer is not getting off that easy, though.

As revealed by The Age, Homer Simpson gets a HUGE surprise by his son, Bart. We won’t spoil the fun. Just watch for yourself. Enjoy!


By the way, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over $80 million so far as reported by the ALS Association. That’s impressive.

Photo Credit: TheAge.com