‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Episode 6 Brings Declarations Of Love, Fresh Drama, Relationship Doubts

Fans were treated to a lot of drama and chaos on Bachelor in Paradise Tuesday night, with a few shockers where things didn’t entirely match up to previously released spoilers. What can everybody expect in episode 6 airing on Sept. 1? There are Bachelor in Paradise spoilers available, and it sounds like there is more drama ahead. At this point, fans would expect nothing less.

Chris Harrison teased a few Bachelor in Paradise spoiler tidbits that align with the preview shown at the end of Tuesday’s episode. As fans saw coming, things will blow up a bit regarding Jesse Kovacs and his choices to make the most out of his Mexican vacation. Things are going to get ugly, but will it mean Jesse heads home? Harrison also teased “relationships are going to be tested, new connections will be forged and some people will get what’s coming to them.”

Just who will be joining the group at the house? Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Brooks Forrester, from Desiree Hartsock’s season, and Tasos Hernandez, from Andi Dorfman’s season, show up with date cards. Sarah Herron is crushing on one of the guys, and it seemingly will spell some trouble for her blossoming romance with Robert Graham.

Reality Steve’s spoilers note that Brooks will take out Jackie Parr, while Tasos takes out Christy Hansen. Zack will ask out Jackie as well, and apparently Jesse will end up leaving after some drama. It seems he’ll get called out for his actions, and ultimately he decides to leave on his own as he doesn’t have a connection with anybody. More Bachelor in Paradise spoilers regarding other dates should come out throughout the week.

The previews show that Cody Sattler is getting very serious about Michelle Money very quickly, but does it scare her off? In addition, Marcus Grodd is all-in with Lacy Faddoul, but she may not be ready to open up quite so quickly. Will this be the end of the road for either of them? Not quite. As for the rose ceremony, it doesn’t look like there are any big surprises here.


Lacy gives her rose to Marcus, as Jackie gives hers to Zack. AshLee’s goes to Graham, and Michelle’s goes to Cody. Sarah does give hers to Robert, and then Christy gives her rose to Tasos over Brooks. This is the last episode before the finale, and the couples will face a big decision before filming ends. Whether it plays out at the end of episode 6 or the beginning of episode 7 isn’t known, but Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that the couples will have the opportunity to go to a fantasy suite overnight.

The couples will have to choose whether to stay together and go to the fantasy suite or split up. Former “Bachelor Nation” couples will make an appearance, and fans will be anxious to see which couples see a future together and who decides they’re done. Stay tuned for more Bachelor in Paradise spoilers as the week continues leading up to episode 6 airing on Sept. 1.

Which couples do you think will stay together and which relationships will fizzle? Tune-in to Bachelor in Paradise airing on ABC on Monday nights to see what you think of the latest pairings.

[Image via ABC]