Newborn Thrown In Trash Can, Mom Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant

A newborn was thrown in a trash can immediately after a woman gave birth because she allegedly didn’t know she was pregnant. Good 4 Utah reports that Alicia Marie Englert, 24, gave birth to the baby Tuesday and is now charged with attempted murder.

A Probable Cause statement that’s been filed by police states that “the birth mother was afraid to tell her parents about her pregnancy. She said she discarded the baby in hopes that it would die and solve her problems.”

Police say the infant girl hadn’t had any food or medical attention when she was discovered in the trash. She’s now at Primary Children’s Medical Center and remains in critical condition. The newborn will stay in protective custody throughout the investigation.

The mother might have learning disabilities, the report indicates.

Neighbors in Kearns found the newborn thrown in the trash can early Tuesday morning. It didn’t take detectives long to figure out that the mother lived next door. Sheriff Jim Winder goes on to say that Englert put her baby in the neighbors’ garbage around 6 a.m. and abandoned her. The neighbors found her an hour later.

Speaking with the neighbors about finding the newborn girl in the garbage can, Adora Nemitz says:

“She heard something that sounded like a cat. They told me they found a baby out of the garbage can. I don’t even talk. I was just shocked.”

Detective Jared Richardson with the Unified Police Department says the baby’s injuries are solely “based on lack of medical care.”

“There aren’t any secondary injuries,” says Det. Richardson. “It appears it was simply a lack of care.”

The girl’s medical condition worsened hours after she was found in the trash can. Sheriff Winder says:

“The information we’ve received from our detectives at the hospital is that the condition of this infant has deteriorated. It was transported in critical condition, and it is now in extremely critical condition and it’s been described as really fighting for the infant’s life.”

A woman who claims to be the mother’s sister says that her sister has mental issues.

“She doesn’t think like a 24-year old,” the unidentified woman says. “She has like some learning disabilities.”

The woman also said her sister didn’t know she was pregnant.


It’s not clear at this time in the investigation where the baby was born.

By mid-day Monday, police arrested Enlgert. While she was escorted out of the home, she covered her head in a jacket so she wouldn’t reveal her identity.

Unified Police spokesman Ken Hansen says the woman will be physically examined and have a mental evaluation.

Criminal charges of attempted murder have been filed against Englert, despite her mental competency. The degree largely depends on the baby’s condition.

As the report adds, Utah has a Safe Haven law, which is designed to prevent people from abandoning a newborn or having them thrown in the trash can. Utah’s Safe Haven law allows newborns to be brought into any hospital that is open 24/7 where the child can safely be dropped off and the mother remains anonymous.

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