Stabbing Victim Survives After Being Tied Up And Thrown In A River, Other Two Not So Lucky

A stabbing victim survived after being tied to a weight and thrown in a river. The two men abducted before him were found dead.

Sometimes people have a brush with death and end up surviving by some strange miracle, much like a Chinese boy who was run over by an SUV and actually walked away, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. A potential murder victim in Philadelphia was relatively lucky, considering he was the only one of three who survived a series of attacks.

Philadelphia Police are investigating the men behind the three abductions early this morning. Two bodies were discovered in the Schuylkill River in Fairmount Park after finding the first known victim soaked, partially clothed, and bleeding from multiple stab wounds in the torso and legs.

The 20 year old Philadelphia stabbing victim, whose name has not been released, was abducted off the street by four or five men and thrown in the back of a van. He was one of three who had been tied to a weight, bound and blindfolded with duct tape, and left to drown in the river.

In spite of being bound, the survivor managed to get free of the weight and reach the river bank by the 2300 block of Kelly Drive. There he screamed at traffic for help, prompting a 911 call which brought police at around 4AM.

Chief Inspector Scott Small told the press:

“Both of the dead bodies had duct tape wrapped around their face. They also both appeared to be bound at the wrists and ankles. They also appeared to be tied or tethered to some sort of piece of debris, some sort of weight used as an anchor to keep them under water.

“We’re looking for any evidence – any tire tracks, any footprints because it is a dirty, muddy area. And if a van did back off of the paved parking lot and onto the grass, onto the dirt, we may be able to get some cast impressions of the tire tracks, and possibly even footprints. We’re looking for any other evidence we can find.”


Due to being blindfolded, the stabbing victim who survived might not have gotten a good look at the men who had abducted him and the other two. He might not be able to say much until he recovers from the attack, but is in stable condition and currently being treated at Hahnemann University Hospital, where police intend to ask him for further details.

The location the stabbing victim was abducted from is being kept quiet to prevent any localized panic, though they are searching for any possible video of the stabbing in progress. The police claim the motive may have been simple robbery and a plan to keep the victims quiet.

Hopefully the men involved in the Philadelphia stabbing will be stopped before any more stabbing victims are found. The one survivor was fortunate enough to live through it.

[image via City-Data]