Sofia Vergara Nip Slip: ‘Modern Family’ Actress’ Breast Falls Out Of Dress [Photo]

Sofia Vergara had a nip slip — or a little more than a nip slip — as she danced her dress off an a post-Emmys bash. According to Gossip Cop, one of Vergara’s breasts came out of her dress while she was getting down with Dancing With The Stars pro Derek Hough on the dance floor. Vergara didn’t really seem to care, however, as she adjusted herself and kept on grooving!

According to the report, the fall-out happened when Hough picked up the Modern Family actress and dipped her nearly upside down. Thanks to an Instagram photo (above), you can see Vergara in the upside down position, clutching her chest as to prevent further spillage.

Sofia Vergara didn’t stop laughing, and it looked like she was having a fabulous time — even if her strapless gown wasn’t the best for all that serious dancing. Interestingly enough, Sofia wore the same gown that she wore during the Emmys — there were no outfit changes.

Of course people were all standing around watching the actress shake what her mama gave her, and plenty snapped photos. According to Us Weekly, sources say that Sofia and Derek were really tearing things up on Monday night — and judging by the photos? They totally were.


“The two were spinning around the dance floor and she was flying through the air. It was a full five minutes of him spinning her around the dance floor. No one could quite believe what they were seeing, nor were they able to take their eyes off of it.”

Sofia Vergara didn’t dance with her beau, Joe Manganiello, because he wasn’t at the party… nor was he at the Emmys. Why? Well Sofia said it was because he was “too hot.” Of course there is probably a better reason, but it hasn’t been figured out just yet. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there have been reports that Sofia and Joe are ready to take their relationship to the next level. Apparently the two actors (he was on True Blood) are already talking about a wedding and babies. It is no secret that Sofia would love to have another child, and maybe Joe wants to become a dad, but this relationship is way too new to jump to conclusions.

Do you think that Sofia and Joe will last? Do you think that their new romance is one of the hottest in Hollywood right now?

[Photo courtesy of Reuters/Fox News Magazine]