Zayn Malik Needs A Break: One Direction Fans Worried About Their Boys

Is Zayn Malik on the verge of burning out? One Direction fans seem to think the singers are spending a little too much time working these days.

Malik and the boys never seem to stop touring, promoting and recording. The group’s legion of loyal – and deeply concerned – supporters took to Twitter to voice their concerns. As their voices grew in number, the hashtag #stopoverworkingourboys began trending worldwide. In short: Zayn and his crew might want to take a moment to sit back, relax and unwind before they burn out completely.

According to The Huffington Post, fans are urging Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles to take some time off from the group. Although they don’t want the fellas to go their separate ways, that doesn’t mean supporters aren’t worried about their well-being. In fact, the hashtag proves just how loyal fans are to the band.

Here are just a few examples making the rounds on Twitter.

If the rumors are true, then Zayn Malik doesn’t get a chance to visit his family on a regular basis. Since there’s always something One Direction-oriented to tackle, the guys spend quite a bit of time away from their loved ones. While some would say that this is the price of success, others are worried that too much work makes Zayn a dull boy.

Loading... reports that Malik really misses his family when he’s on the road. In fact, the guy seems to miss England altogether.

“I always miss England wherever I go, even if I only go somewhere for a week. It’s not necessarily home, just England itself…. I’m always on the phone to my mum, aunties and sisters. I have a big phone bill cos I’m silly when it comes to my mobile.”

Are you concerned Zayn Malik and the other One Direction singers may burn out if they don’t take some time off in the near future? Share your worries in the comments.

[Lead image via Fanpop]