Google Acquires ‘Zync’: Is Google Entering The Movie Business?

Is Google entering the movie business by purchasing Zync? That aspect is unclear, but Google Inc. is acquiring a company called Zync. In a day and age when companies are constantly buying up smaller companies to keep the competitive edge, Google and Apple are in the news most often.In a bid to have a leg up on the speaker market, Apple just finished it’s deal to acquire Beats Electronics, according to The Inquisitr.

Google, one of the two tech rivals of Apple, has made an unusual purchase of the special effects company Zync. It is quite possible that most people are scratching their heads and asking ” Who is Zync?”

Anyone who has seen Star Trek Into Darkness or Looper or American Hustle, is aware of their work. According to the “about” section of their website:

“Two things will always remain the same in visual effects and design – project schedules fluctuate and the effort to get to final is impossible to predict accurately. ZYNC was developed as a mission critical in-house tool to address these very issues. Our users require flexible solutions that allow greater creative freedoms while decreasing long term overhead or startup costs.”

“We provide scalable compute, licensing, storage and data transfer all in a lightweight installable application. Our native plug-ins allow you to kick renders off from directly within our supported host applications. Our forward facing web-based management tools offer traditional render process controls for all cloud-based assets, allowing you to monitor in real-time exactly what’s going on with your jobs and troubleshoot any issues”

According to Business Insider, the terms of the deal between the two companies is unclear, but Google did say that as of Tuesday that Zync will be joining their cloud platform team.Prior to Google’s acquisition, Zync was being used to do image rendering and special effects in the cloud, making it unnecessary to utilize clunky, hard drive space hogging software.

Zync has expressed it’s excitement on their website, regarding the Google acquisition.

Yes, we are excited, and yes, great things are coming. But we most especially want to thank our customers, our partners in the VFX software industry, and our phenomenal team for getting us to where we are today.

Our service will be back and better than ever on Google Cloud Platform.


In the case of this specific acquisition, Google has purchased it to stay competitive against an up and coming tech star, Amazon. According to Auto World News, Zync, prior to the acquisition, was operating on Amazon computers.

This means that anyone using Zync will be making the move, reluctantly or otherwise, to Google.

So, what are your thoughts about Google’s acquisition of Zync? Good move or Bad move?

[ Image Via WikiMedia Commons ]