Video: Justin Bieber Accused Of Slapping Female Fan At Dave & Buster’s In LA

Justin Bieber has been accused of slapping a female fan at Dave & Busters; the same night he allegedly attempted a theft, robbery and battery over a cellphone with a male accuser. Busy night for the Biebs or opportunistic claims out of control?

Justin Bieber’s date with reportedly back-on girlfriend Selena Gomez at Dave & Buster’s in Los Angeles Monday night has introduced another claim to existing accusations of alleged attempted robbery, attempted battery and attempted theft over a cellphone.

Gossip Cop are reporting that a patron who was allegedly in Dave & Buster’s at the time — scroll down to watch the clip of the supposed bystander — claims Bieber allegedly backhand slapped a female fan (who had a child) who was allegedly video recording the Canadian and the Latina.

In the video, the less-than-credible individual claims Bieber told an alleged female fan, “Get away from me” before slapping her silly. The patron also claims the 20-year-old singer was drunk when this alleged backhander took place.

A source close to Justin has since told Gossip Cop that there is “no truth” to the female fan slapping claim.

(Video: Supposed bystander giving an alleged account of Bieber getting slap-happy with a female fan at the Hollywood eatery.)

Notably, police officers did not mention anything about physical violence or an allegation that involved a woman, after they responded to the first alleged incident involving Bieber at Dave & Busters on Monday.

Officer Sara Faden of the LAPD told the Los Angeles Times and KTLA5 News that officers went to the eatery at around 9:30 pm, after a report alleging someone from Bieber’s security had possibly taken the cellphone of an individual who recorded video and took photos of the famous couple.

Within a short time of officers arriving on the scene, police determined that the “theft” report wasn’t true, the LA Times reported.

“There’s been no theft, no scuffle and no crime occurred,” Officer Faden also told the outlet, adding that when Bieber’s security had asked to see the video, the accuser refused and the police were called.

In addition, Mail Online previously reported the spokeswoman said no one was charged or arrested and that the incident was a “big lot of nothing.”

Meanwhile, ABC7 Eyewitness News reported police said that “all parties cooperated with authorities.”

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez At West Hollywood Diner

(Photo: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez pictured at Dave & Buster’s Hollywood and Highland Center branch on Monday, August 25.)

However, a later and somewhat more breathless report from TMZ differs from the LAPD’s account after the initial set-up.

Citing unidentified law enforcement sources, the gossip site reports police went to Dave & Buster’s after a guy recorded video and took photos of Bieber and Gomez. As before, it’s reported the man declined to let Bieber’s bodyguards look at the video when they asked.


It’s at this point that TMZ’s report veers from police statements.

It’s claimed Bieber lunged at the male accuser in order to snatch his cellphone (the website presumes and states that), but was allegedly held back by his bodyguards.

Additionally, despite ABC 7 Eyewitness News’ report that police said, “all parties cooperated with” attending officers, TMZ claims Bieber had left the eatery by the time the police arrived.

Other contradictions between TMZ’s report and the LAPD’s statements are reported here.

The Inquisitr made the decision not to call the accuser a “fan,” as that description has not been used in LAPD statements. It’s worth noting that not everyone who takes photographs of Bieber may necessarily be a fan. An individual with a cellphone or camera can also be just that.

The police are continuing to investigate the attempted robbery, attempted theft and attempted battery claims and – of course – that laughable female fan slapped claim that’s now stinking up Bieber’s heaving plate.

If you’re wondering how any these claims might affect Bieber’s two-year probation sentence after that egging business — the short answer, is probably a “go to jail” card. But something tells us there’s nothing solid here.