Pizza Hut Taken Over By Cats? Pizza Cat! Is Here [Video]

Cats have taken over the internet, so it was only natural that they should move on to bigger and better things. Like running a Pizza Hut. After all, everybody loves pizza, and who can resist a cute cat? Pizza Hut Japan is hoping that nobody can.

“Pizza Cat!” is the newest Japanese Pizza Hut ad campaign, featuring what Time refers to as a “rag-tag crew of cats” operating a fictional Pizza Hut store. The commercial spots show the cats, named Tencho, HIme, Dora, and Detch, in all of their anti-social, indolent cat glory.

Foodbeast first discovered the videos about the four cats facing the day-to-day challenges of operating a Pizza Hut franchise, comparing the cats to teenagers working a summer job – “disinterested, lethargic, and perpetually annoyed.”

“Pizza Cat!” even has its own website, with a disclaimer that if you don’t get your pizza it is simply because the cats lost motivation, please excuse them. After all, lost motivation is a valid excuse for cats, so how can we be upset?

If you don’t mind a little bad attitude and some cat hair on your pizza, you will love “Pizza Cat!” And the wonderful thing about these videos is that you don’t even have to understand Japanese to enjoy the purr-fectly hilarious cats.

“Pizza Cat!” Grand Opening

“Morning assembly! Fire us up!” We all pretty much feel this way in the morning, cat or human.

“Vehicles just excite me. Funny, heh?” At least they take out the trash

“Destination checked! We’ll be there safe driving.” Can you picture Pizza Hut employees actually mapping out delivery routes this way?

“Here to protect the deliciousness of our pizza!” You can feel safe knowing they are checking the quality of your pizza.

“Hey boy, don’t you want change?” We have all run across this cashier at one time or another.

I don’t even allow a speck of dust, see?” For those of you thinking cats running a Pizza Hut isn’t sanitary – here’s proof that you are wrong. Well, maybe he missed a hair or two…


“The spreadsheet demon!” Who knew cats were accountants?

“Don’t get cute with us, we’re not working for money.” Don’t forget to tip. Cats can be very vindictive.

With Pizza Hut’s slipping sales in the U.S. lately, maybe they need a few Pizza Cats stateside.

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Image courtesy of Fanboy