Mark Driscoll, Controversial Pastor Of Mars Hill Church, Steps Down From Pulpit

Over the past year or so, Mark Driscoll has found himself in the midst of controversy paid tenfold for his past transgressions. Once known as the “Rock Star” of all the television evangelicals. Driscoll had his own style of preaching at the pulpit. Avoiding the conformance of a soft-spoken demeanor with bleached smiles reminiscent of Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer, Driscoll went the direction of breathing fire. Unfortunately for him, all the fire in the world is not going to cover up what he’s done.

Here on The Inquisitr, we reported on key events in the downfall of Mark Driscoll. This includes all of his transgressions – which includes manipulating the New York Times Best Seller List and management of terminations – being paid in full, which prompted a major church organization to drop Mars Hill Church.

Now there are reports that after almost two decades, Mark Driscoll is officially stepping down from the pulpit.

According to the Washington Post, Mark Driscoll will step down from the pulpit while church leaders review the upcoming formal charges thrown at him and Mars Hill Church stating Driscoll abused his power. This is only a temporary submission as the estimated time he’ll be absent is about six weeks. Nevertheless, the time off will not only give Mars Hill Church the necessary space to concentrate on legal matters, but will also give time for the heat on Driscoll to cool off. In recent months, convictions of plagiarism, inappropriate use of church funds, and improper behavior have placed the pastor in a view that others see him teetering on the edge of the cliff leading straight to Hell.

Mark Driscoll himself made the announcement of stepping down from the pulpit after he returned from vacation in a pre-recorded message.

“I want to say to my Mars Hill family, past and present, I’m very sorry. I genuinely mean it. I’m very sorry for the times I’ve been angry, short or insensitive. I’m very sorry for anything I’ve done to distract from our mission by inviting criticism, controversy or negative media attention.

I have begun meeting with a professional team of mature Christians who provide wise counsel to help further my personal development and maturity before God and men.”

Because he is seeking the assistance of mature Christ Followers, Mark Driscoll also included that he will not do any outside speaking for the foreseeable future. Driscoll also postponed the publication of his upcoming book.


In another article by Charisma News, others have expressed their opinions in favor of Mark Driscoll. One such person is Mark DeMoss, an Atlanta public-relations consultant and former adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. He says that it is challenging to be a pastor in our society today because of media and public access to information.

“I think this is a challenging day for all pastors, in large part because of this media age we live in. It’s very easy to mobilize opposition, and anybody can have a public forum to criticize or expose or say whatever they want to say. That wasn’t true even 10 years ago.”

What do you think of Mark Driscoll stepping down from the pulpit? Do you think he did the right thing for the Church? Do you think he is being sincere with his apology and actions, or is he faking it? Please let us know in the comments below.

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