Justin Bieber Re-Posts Stunning Selena Gomez Selfie, Deletes Hours Later

Justin Bieber shared a sultry Selena Gomez selfie on Instagram yesterday, before the actress-singer posted the same snap. Naturally, the Biebs deleted his – in time But he left Gomez’s pic up for a good, few hours. Was it a declaration of a reunion?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been working from the playbook of Instagram actions speak louder than words for a long time now – and yesterday was no exception. Into the mix of speculation about the relationship of what we’ve all come to know as Jelena, Tuesday felt a like a big day.

After a horrid afternoon, during which Justin’s red Ferrari got rear-ended by a paparazzo in West Hollywood, the Canadian apparently decided some Selena-shaped eye-candy was in order.

On Tuesday, the 20-year-old “Baby” singer shared a stunning selfie of the Spring Breakers actress in full glamour make-up, with sexy, black eye-liner, luscious lip-liner and wearing a pretty, gold necklace which she later captioned:

“Thank you Jen for my pretty Jennifer Meyer S necklace #Itgottangledlikesixtimes #seventhtimesacharm #getit.”

Bieber’s post came a few minutes after Selena told her millions of social media followers she was, “Getting ready for Chelsea,” before sharing a different photo.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

(Photo: Selena Gomez selfie re-posted by Justin Bieber on Ausgut 26, before he deleted over four hours later.)

The 22-year-old meant Chelsea Handler, who officially signed off her irreverent Chelsea Lately chat series last night with a star-studded finale.

Over at Hollywood Life, it was noticed that Selena’s wore the same makeup and jewelry seen in Justin’s snap in her first post. Were the on-off pair together at the time? Who knows?

But, whether physically together or not, it’s clear the lovebirds are back in each other lives in a major way.

Recent sightings of Bieber and Gomez have included, bible study, a movie date, Instagrams, videos, Selena getting papped as she leaves her beau’s Hollywood Hills home, and their most recent date at a Dave & Buster’s on Hollywood Boulevard Monday night.

Unfortunately, the date went south. Police were called out to the arcade and sports eatery, after a report claimed one of Bieber’s camp had attempted to steal a phone. Once on site, officers decided it was much ado about nothing.

No-one was charged or arrested and an LAPD spokeswoman said, “There’s been no fight, no scuffle and no crime occurred.”


TMZ later reported the male accuser wants to press charges claiming attempted robbery, theft, and battery. There’s another claim doing the rounds online too, but it’s too ludicrous to repeat twice in one day.

More importantly, how significant is it that Selena deleted her “Getting ready for Chelsea” selfie and posted the same photo as Justin?

We’re going to quit hedging and just come out and say it; Jelena rides again.

No if’s, no buts. They are back on. How long is another matter.

Is Justin’s re-posting of Selena’s selfie a declaration of their reunion? We’re saying “yes.”