Someone Set Arkansas Quarterback Brandon Allen’s Truck On Fire

Three vehicles, including a truck belonging to Arkansas Razorbacks quarterback Brandon Allen, were found burned outside an apartment building in Fayetteville. Police suspect arson, Bleacher Report is reporting.

According to KFSM (Fort Smith), Allen’s truck – a Chevy Avalanche given to him by his dad – along with a different Chevy Avalanche belonging to someone else and a Prius belonging to a third person were all found burned early this morning. The fire also burned part of the apartment building where Allen lived.

Sergeant Craig Stout of the Fayetteville Police told the media that the arsonist allowed Allen’s truck to roll into a ditch as it burned. Allen’s truck was set ablaze about two hours after a similar vehicle burning in Fayetteville. As of this post, it is not known if Allen was specifically targeted because of his role in the Razorbacks organization.

“Maybe these people had a mutual friend or enemy.”

Razorbacks coach Burt Bielema told reporters that Allen called him at about four in the morning to give him the news, according to Alabama Local.

“Your breath kind of stops for a moment when I saw was is [Allen] calling me. I was hoping it was my alarm, but it was about a half hour before I was planning on getting up. He just kind of explained to me that he was calling to let me know that his car was on fire and he was watching it across the street and the fire department was there and his dad was on his way, that unfortunately something had put his car on fire, that he didn’t really know at the time what had taken place.”


Neither Allen nor any members of the Arkansas football program will be saying anything else to the media as long as the investigation is ongoing, according to Bleacher Report.

Allen, who has only recently been officially named the Razorbacks’ starter, was an above-average quarterback last year as a sophomore, throwing for 1,552 yards and 13 touchdowns with 10 interceptions. Regardless, the Razorbacks went 3-9 last season, 0-8 in the SEC. Tyler Conway of Bleacher Report says that Allen will need to improve for the Razorbacks to be competitive this season. Their last bowl appearance was 2012’s Cotton Bowl.

Do you believe that Brandon Allen’s truck was set on fire because of his connection to the Razorbacks? Let us know below.

Image courtesy of: The Cabin