WWE News: Plans For Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins And Dean Ambrose At Night Of Champions

Jon Fisher

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose have taken the WWE by storm in the last few months. Since the Shield's immaculate split into three breakout stars, all three men continue to dominate one storyline after another. Seth Rollins is currently holding the Money in the Bank briefcase, Reigns consistently brings excitement every show and Ambrose is the WWE's best babyface.

So, the popular question remains, what should WWE do with all three?

After Monday Night Raw, it looks like the WWE wants to have Rollins feud with Reigns because Ambrose is off filming a WWE Studios' movie. They made it official last night by having Kane host a eulogy for Ambrose.

"We noted before that it's possible Dean Ambrose makes an appearance at WWENight of Champions on September 21st as filming for WWE Studios' Lockdown ends on September 20th. It's worth noting that the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville is advertising Ambrose and Roman Reigns together as a team. This could mean Ambrose and Reigns are facing Kane and Seth Rollins at the pay-per-view."

This will be something that benefits all three former-Shield members. Rollins just isn't ready for the WWE World Heavyweight belt yet, and Reigns needs time to grow in order to claim it from Lesnar later on down the road. As for Ambrose, he could hold the belt today if the WWE wanted him to. He is that good on the microphone and in the squared circle. If you don't believe me, then watching Raw or Smackdown hasn't been a priority.

Since Ambrose is filming the movie, WWE has some time to promote Ambrose and let the WWE Universe feel much sorrow and symphony towards the Lunatic Fringe. That way, when Ambrose does return emphatically out of nowhere, the crowd will go crazy after he pops out of a cake.

Of course, that's just a theory, however it would fit Ambrose's character perfectly.

To say that the former-Shield members are making an impact is an understatement. All three men will take over the WWE. If you have the time, make sure to watch their documentary, "Journey to SummerSlam" on the WWE Network. It takes the WWE Universe into the lives of each man and their journey to the WWE. If they become as successful as the analysts suggest, look out for Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose.

[Images via WWE.com and wrestlingrumors.net]