AshLee Frazier Issues Statement After Watching ‘Bachelors In Paradise’

AshLee Frazier may have come on Bachelors in Paradise in hopes of making a genuine connection with Graham Bunn, but she may have come off a little too aggressively. Not only was she already planning their future together before they had even gone on a single date, but she was also trying to make herself look better by putting the other ladies in a bad light.

On last night’s episodes of Bachelors in Paradise, Frazier was speaking to Clare Crawley’s chosen man, Zack Kalter. She was trying to make Crawley look bad by telling Kalter that Clare had slept with Juan Pablo in the ocean while filming The Bachelor.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, AshLee Frazier is now speaking out about her actions after the world watched her speak behind Clare Crawley’s back on last night’s episode of Bachelors in Paradise.

“Not my proudest moment,” AshLee admitted on Twitter.

“Sometimes we all wish we could rewind. I’m sorry. #BachelorInParadise,” she added.

Even though AshLee apologized on Twitter, it sounds like many viewers are not as accepting of her actions. It is unclear whether she is truly and genuinely sorry for her actions, or just embarrassed about being caught. Like the other ladies said, AshLee Frazier isn’t the same person on camera as she is off camera.

Frazier’s actions may have caused a rift in her relationship with Bunn. He admitted that after hearing that she had attempted to sabotage Clare’s relationship with Zack, he was questioning his future with her.

The Inquisitr covered this dramatic fight between Clare Crawley and AshLee Frazier in a preview for the episode. The episode continues tonight with a dramatic conclusion. As of right now, AshLee’s rose has been rejected by Graham during the rose ceremony.

Even though Zack wasn’t thrilled about getting involved with the drama, AshLee Frazier‘s comments may have influenced his decision to keep going with the relationship. This past weekend, Crawley revealed that she was sitting at the single’s table at an event.

And her tune may have changed when it comes to Cody Sattler, who was excited to take her out on a date. Instead of addressing the drama with AshLee Frazier on her Twitter timeline, Clare simply gave a shoutout to Cody.


So much love and respect for you @cody_sattler.

— Clare Crawley (@Clare_Crawley) August 26, 2014

And he also focused on his experience in Tulum, Mexico on Twitter last night. He came to get a date with Clare and it is unknown whether he ever got his chance.

Are you surprised that AshLee Frazier apologized on Twitter? Do you think she is being genuine?

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