WWE News: WWE Superstar Batista Potentially Quitting The Company?

Along with John Cena and CM Punk, WWE superstar Dave Batista is considered as one of the most controversial figures in professional wrestling history. He has never shied away from voicing his opinion about WWE creative, Cena or even Vince McMahon. His “quitting” angle in 2010 was the product of being fed up with the business and where it was heading.

As soon as Batista became a figure in the acting community, his popularity began to skyrocket. Other than being in the WWE as one of their biggest stars in the last 10 years, Batista didn’t have anything to promote his name.

Recently, Batista signed on to play Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy, and he had a meaty role in the last Riddick film. Needless to say, GOTG exceeded expectations and rewarded Batista with praise and a huge future in Hollywood. In fact, he already signed on to act in the sequel.

Batista WWE champion

The unfortunate part for the WWE Universe is that a Hollywood career may crush any dreams of wrestling full-time with the WWE. According to WrestleZone.com, that prediction may turn into reality.

“According to PWInsider.com, Batista’s future in WWE was a hot topic backstage over the weekend, and with the massive success of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” his career as a full-time player in WWE might be over.”

“When Batista left WWE months ago to begin media hype for “Guardians,” the plan was for him to return to WWE story lines once the media died down, which was rumored to be around SummerSlam time, but of course that did not happen.”

WrestleZone goes on to elaborate that talks began during SummerSlam weekend, and the WWE has its doubts that Batista will return on a full-time basis. Remember, Batista didn’t work a Brock Lesnar-esque schedule. House shows applied to Batista’s WWE return, something that Lesnar and the Rock will not commit to.

Another thing Batista needs to be careful about is the risk of injury inside the ring. If something were to happen that would sideline Batista for an extended period of time, kiss that Hollywood career goodbye for a while. A new set of priorities might be kicking in at an older age. Batista isn’t 28 anymore.



Also, Batista felt like he was lied to by the WWE creative staff, so a return after Extreme Rules was in serious doubt. Luckily for WWE, he came back for Payback and worked the dates he promised. So, the comparison between him and CM Punk is asinine.

Now, new information surfaced about Batista’s desire to work with Titus O’Neil. If that’s the case, then it is apparent that Batista will return to the WWE eventually. He was supposed to come back around SummerSlam time, but he still is promoting his movie and working on other projects.

Batista may simply not want to wrestle anymore after finding a career in Hollywood. WWE’s “crisis management” needs to upgrade their skills, because they might lose another superstar. The Rock left for Hollywood, so Batista can too.

[Images via prowrestlingpowerhouse.com, themarysue.com and Bleacher Report]