American ISIS Member, Douglas McAuthur McCain, Killed While Fighting For Islamic Terrorist Group In Syria

A heated battle in Syria over the weekend has resulted in the death of an American who was fighting on behalf of the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS, reports NBC News.

Douglas McAuthur McCain, a native of Minnesota, and more recently, a resident of San Diego, California, was killed in the battle, then identified when his pockets were checked and found to contain an American passport and $800 dollars, according to the U.S. backed Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Visual evidence of McCain’s body, along with a distinctive identifying neck tattoo and McCain’s passport, are confirmed to have been seen by NBC News. An FSA activist also confirmed seeing McCain’s body and passport, while also noting that Douglas McArthur McCain was one of three foreign jihadis fighting under the ISIS flag killed in the battle.

Senior administration officials say that they too received the news of McCain’s death in Syria, while also expressing other concerns about dozens of American jihadis gone to the Middle East to fight on behalf of both ISIS and other terrorist groups:

“The threat we are most concerned about to the homeland is that of fighters like this returning to the U.S. and committing acts of terrorism,” one of the officials to NBC News.

NBC also reportedly got in touch with several of McCain’s family members, including McCain’s mother, sister, aunts and cousins. A woman identified as McCain’s aunt acknowledged his passing while referring further calls to McCain’s, mother. McCain’s Facebook page, under the name, Duale ThaslaveofAllah, included posts recognizing McCain’s passing but has since been taken down.

Minnesota’s Star Tribune reports that Douglas McArthur McCain was a 1999 graduate of Robbinsdale Cooper High School in the Twin Cities and later moved to San Diego. This according to McCain’s cousins, who are about McCain’s age. Family members also say they’d had some concerns about McCain’s strong support of extremist Islam and the ISIS terror organization.

One of McCain’s cousins, Kenyata McCain, said she had just communicated with Douglas McCain on Friday, McCain telling her he was in Turkey. Kenyata also said she’d seen evidence of her cousin’s support of ISIS, via comments and pictures, on his Facebook page.


“I know that he had strong Muslim beliefs,” said Kenyata McCain. “But I didn’t know that he was in support of ISIS. I didn’t think he would be.”

Another cousin that wished to remain anonymous said he didn’t know why McCain went over to the Middle East, but he didn’t “want people to get the idea that he (Douglas McCain) was some kind of monster… “(He is) a Muslim, but he’s not a radical. People get the words mixed up.”

Douglas McArthur McCain had been a caregiver for clients with special needs in the San Diego area, according to the anonymous cousin. He also said McCain was raising a daughter who had not yet reached her first birthday.

Image via Facebook