‘Batman V Superman’ Does The Ice Bucket Challenge, Superman Gets It Good [Video]

The Ice Bucket Challenge is taking the world by storm and it has landed on the Batman v Superman set. Henry Cavill in his Superman costume, and Amy Adams in her Lois Lane persona, got doused with ice water, but the crew seem to have a special affection for our superhero and he was doused over and over again.

It’s been busy in Detroit, where Zack Snyder has been camped for several months with the mega blockbuster production and after a long wait for fans, it seems Henry Cavill finally got the message that he had been nominated by more than one person. Superman has been a busy man, flying to England and back to be on set for Batman v Superman, where he was seen walking around on set for the first time last week.

We know of at least one person who nominated Henry Cavill, his pal and co-star in Immortals, Luke Evans. Take a look at the Welsh actor’s video:

The Batman v Superman video comes after we saw Batman himself, Ben Affleck take the Ice Bucket Challenge last week in this very cute video. Batfleck even took wife Jennifer Garner into the pool with him.

But the one that got the best of the Ice Bucket Challenge was Henry Cavill. What can be better than having Lois and Clark on the same video. Amy Adams, as adorable as ever, was the one chosen to do all the talking, Henry pretty much just sat there looking very hot in his Superman suit. We are just wondering how hard was it to take that wet suit off afterwards.

Take a look at the latest Batman v Superman Ice Bucket Challenge starring Henry Cavill and Amy Adams:

Apparently director Zack Snyder gave his cast the day off and they all decided to film their Ice Bucket Challenge videos. Snyder himself got pulled into it after receiving his nomination. You can see Snyder taking his challenge here:

The Ice Bucket Challenge — in case you haven’t heard — is a campaign started by ALS patient Pete Frates, in which a person is nominated to dump a bucket full of ice water to bring awareness to the crippling disease. It has gone viral ever since Frates posted his video on Facebook. As of Thursday, August 26, the Ice Bucket Challenge campaign has raised $88.5 million, compared to $2.6 million for the same time period last year.

Batman v Superman takes Ice Bucket Challenge

The Batman v Superman cast and crew are the latest celebrities to take on the Ice Bucket Challenge, which isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

[Image via Youtube]