Does Obamacare Cover Gender Reassignment Surgery?

I got some incredible news for transgender Americans. According to the Daily Beast, Obamacare has effectively made it possible for gender reassignment surgery to one day be covered by healthcare insurance plans.

As it stands, “federal law prohibits health insurance companies from discriminating against transgender people.” It also prevents insurers from denying healthcare coverage to those suffering from pre-existing conditions. These Obamacare-related laws together in turn make it possible for transgender men and women to obtain insurance plans that cover gender reassignment surgery. They also make it possible for low-income men and women to receive completely free, government-sponsored surgery via Medicaid.

Here’s where things get a smidgen complicated. Technically, there are no “federal anti-discrimination laws” in place yet. However, some states like California (as an example) have begun demanding that insurance companies “treat transgender patients the same as other patients.” As a result, if a plan covers “hormones for post-menopausal women,” it must also provide similar coverage for transgender women.

Furthermore, the Washington Post reveals that back in May, the Obama administration axed a ban that prevented Medicare from covering gender reassignment surgery. This means that senior citizens who feel uncomfortable in their gender can now receive taxpayer-funded surgery to have their sex changed, all courtesy of Obamacare.

Keep in mind that according to, this welfare program does not cover (for the most part, though there are a few tiny exceptions here and there) custodial care, dental care, acupuncture, hearing aids and eye examinations. But it does cover gender reassignment surgery, because apparently, the Obama administration considers this surgery to be a priority. Note also that the national debt continues to trickle toward $18 billion and that according to the Daily Caller, the Obamacare website itself (this doesn’t even include the many subsidies) is slated to cost over $1.7 billion.

Regardless, yes, Obamacare does provide some degree of coverage for gender reassignment surgery via Medicare. Furthermore, it’s on its way to providing coverage via both the private market and Medicaid. All this is occurring because the Obama administration fervently believes that this desire to be another gender stems from some sort of legitimate medical condition that mandates physical (and some mental) healthcare.


It just so happens that this perspective coincides with that of the American Psychiatric Association. According to ThinkProgress, it modified the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” in 2012 so as to reclassify “gender and gender non-conforming” people as suffering from gender dysphoria versus gender identity disorder:

“The new manual will diagnose transgender people with ‘Gender Dysphoria,’ which communicates the emotional distress that can result from ‘a marked incongruence between one’s experienced/expressed gender and assigned gender.’ This will allow for affirmative treatment and transition care without the stigma of disorder.”

This premise is that those who suffer from gender dysphoria must receive gender reassignment treatment (as well as mental counseling and sex change drugs) via Obamacare to feel well and live normally – just like those who suffer from cancer must receive chemotherapy to, well, live.

Image via [Conservative50Plus]