‘Real Housewives’: Lizzie Rovsek Blasts Tamra Barney Judge’s Bullying, Boob-Bashing

Real Housewives of Orange County spar frequently and stir up drama, but Lizzie Rovsek says Tamra Barney Judge’s boobs bullying about her body image fired her up, and has gone too far.

Not surprisingly, the RHOC reunion with Season 9’s cast on Monday wasn’t uneventful. The reality TV stars’ antics were on full display and, in the spirit of Heather Dubrow, arguing “pugilistically” was not out of the question. It seems the girls’ trip to Bali didn’t go according to plans — but any Housewives backseat driver could see that coming — and Tamra Judge was brimming with excuses why everyone is minced meat and she is, well…fabulous.

The feisty blonde housewife called Shannon “crazy,” delved into the Brooks issue and f-bombed Heather during Wives reunion. It’s just another day at the office, right. However, all that couldn’t add up to the offensive comments she made about Lizzie Rovsek’s boobs previously. In a Bravo blog, Lizzie dishes about an issue with Tamra that left her in tears.

I am not a large part of this week’s reunion, but I would like to take this week’s blog and focus on female bullying and body image. As women, I think it is our job to build each other up. We are all mothers, sisters, and daughters. There are so many body image issues among young women and I write this blog for any woman who has had insecurities about her body. If it talks to any of you than it will not have been a waste of time. I am sure everyone is aware of Tamra‘s nickname for me, ‘Kentucky Fried Titties.’ When I first heard her call me this I thought, “Nah, I won’t even give it energy.” It really is trashy and frankly low-class. However, it was a trigger for me and it really touched on something that I had been self-conscious of for my entire life.

Lizzie goes on to talk about how her large breasts made her a target for boorish remarks from schoolmates in her younger days. All of the impolite comments — from boys and girls — forced Rovsek to develop low self-esteem and negative images about beauty and her growing body.

The harsh words made her cover up at pool parties and wear baggy shirts to conceal her body. Family members and other grownups tried to console Lizzie by saying she would one day grow to love her assets. However, her self-conscious struggles continued. Over time, Lizzie Rovsek underwent a number of breast reduction surgeries, but as she aged and started having babies, her boob-size increased again during her Real Housewives run.

So, now I have very large boobs again. I will probably get another reduction when I am done having children, but we want more kids so now is not the time. I guess God wants me to have big boobs! So, excuse me everyone for finally embracing my body.”

However, just when she thought the ghosts from her past were conquered, Tamra Barney Judge opens the wounds of her suffering.


I see nothing more than a 47-year-old bully when I see Tamra. I see bullying. Tamra didn’t just call me a name in a fit of anger. She made up the name and announced in her interview. Later, she announced on Watch What Happens Live. My question is why?”

In somewhat of an epiphany, the 34-year-old Real Housewives of Orange County star says that she feels sorry for bullies because they must be in so much pain that they self-treat by deflecting it onto others.

Moreover, Lizzie Rovsek believes that it only empowers people like Tamra Barney when shows like RHOC pays them handsome salaries to put their antics on display — at the expense of others.

Look, if we can put someone on TV and afford them fortune and fame for being a bully, we are exalting that poor behavior, and sadly we as a society give it life.”

[Image via All About TRH]