‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: New Episode 5 Teasers Entice Fans

A new episode of Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesday night and fans are anxious for more of this wild summer hit. Everybody was left hanging with Monday’s episode, so they want detailed Bachelor in Paradise spoilers regarding episode 5 airing on Aug. 26. What can everybody expect? There will be drama and romance to be sure, but apparently there are some other crazy things ahead as well. Fans would expect nothing less at this point.

According to ABC executive Robert Mills, there are juicy things ahead. He tweeted a Bachelor in Paradise spoiler teasing, “PSA: there is a NEW #BachelorInParadise TONIGHT at 8 and -SPOILER ALERT- there will be vomit and a 3some.” Here’s hoping those two things aren’t part of the same event.

As it happens, the vomit teaser has already been explained via Reality Steve’s spoilers. He indicates that the vomit is related to both the ambulance and the chase through the woods teased in Bachelor in Paradisespoiler previews. Steve says that Lacy Faddoul gets sick, and she runs into the woods as she’s throwing up to get away from the cameras. Eventually, an ambulance is brought in to help her, as it seems she has food poisoning or is dehydrated or something. She won’t have to leave the show, however.

As for the supposed threesome, Reality Steve’s spoilers haven’t broken down the fun on that one yet. Chances are fairly good that Mills’ tease is a bit exaggerated as surely Steve would have heard and shared if this was anything truly juicy. In fact, host Chris Harrison didn’t even tease anything of this nature in his chat with Entertainment Weekly. He did point out that it may well be very telling that Michelle Money chased after Graham Bunn, rather than AshLee Frazier, when he walked out of the rose ceremony.


How will that all play out? It is said that Graham left because he was feeling sick, but he does return and accept AshLee’s rose. Harrison does also tease Bachelor in Paradise spoilers that someone does leave Tuesday’s episode in an ambulance, clearly Lacy if Reality Steve’s spoilers are accurate, and Chris promises “It only gets better from here.”

By the end of Tuesday’s episode two more guys and two more ladies will be gone, and Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that one of them will be by choice ahead of a rose ceremony. Tune into Bachelor in Paradise episode 5 airing on Tuesday, Aug. 26 to see just what happens.

[Image via ABC]