‘Bacon’ Sign Taken Down After Muslim Woman Called It ‘Insensitive’

A “bacon” sign was taken down after complaints from a Muslim woman, who said it offended her. Could this be the first sign of trouble among the residents of the Winooski traffic circle in Vermont?

Sneakers Bistro was apparently having some fun in the diverse community surrounding the traffic circle when it posted a sign reading “Yield for Sneakers Bacon.” The area is known for hosting a garden that several businesses have volunteered to help maintain. The fun wasn’t had by everyone though.

A Winooski woman who identified herself as a vegan and a member of a Muslim household claimed that the sign offended her because it contained the word “bacon,” and she wanted it taken down. She went on the internet and posted an entry to the Front Porch Forum claiming of the sign:

“[It’s] insensitive and offensive to those who do not consume pork.

“Although I love Sneakers and the delicious food they serve, I strongly believe this sign is unnecessary, offensive, insensitive, and should therefore be taken down.”

As always on the internet there are people who will argue over any opinion you have, no matter how personal. The Muslim woman’s post about the “bacon” sign was anything but an exception. The debate heated up, and some allegedly tried to convince her she was being ridiculous:

“While you do have the right to express your opinion, you don’t have the right to not be offended. There are things throughout our environment that offend all of us. It happens.”

Sadly, the Sneakers Bistro had to respect its potential customers and took the “bacon” sign down with an apology posted to the forum. Marc Dysinger, owner of the breakfast food chain, wrote:

“We regret any harm or damage caused & the sign has been removed. Our goal is to bring joy to Winooski as a community gathering place – never a source of stress or drama. We always appreciate any advice or input to help us achieve that goal. Thank you neighbors!”


The damage had been done, and the Muslim woman continued to complain about the slew of ugly emails her original complaint raised. The response from Sneakers Bistro on Facebook was that they serve “breakfast, not politics,” and urged the offended parties, including the woman who started the internet storm, to “have the political conversation elsewhere.”

Of course, this wasn’t enough to stop the conversation as some used the opportunity to claim their “American rights” and slam the Muslim woman. At least the people were given a clear position on where the company stands.

Will other signs be taken down in the traffic circle when others are offended enough to start another forum war? Hopefully the “bacon” sign argument will be the end of it.

[image via Investor Place]