Ice Bucket Challenge Facebook Post Gets Ex-Convict Arrested

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral phenomenon for a good cause. However, some are starting to get upset over it, and an ex-convict in Nebraska ended up getting arrested for it.

Many are upset over the charity-driven trend, especially while some in California are suffering from a severe drought, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. There is even a meme featuring Laurence Fishburne’s “Morpheus” character from The Matrix, which states that you don’t have to dump ice over your head to donate to charity.

Jesean Morris apparently didn’t have a problem with it, though in retrospect he probably wishes he hadn’t accepted. Morris is an ex-convict who violated his parole, and posting his entry in the viral video phenomenon to Facebook alerted police to his location.

This is certainly evidence that if you don’t want the authorities to know something about you, you don’t post it online, especially on Mark Zuckerberg’s ever popular social network site.

While Morris probably thought his participation in the ALS ice bucket challenge was a positive, it certainly didn’t end that way for him. It backfired and cost him more than it was worth.

Jesean Morris was 16-years-old in April 2010, when he was arrested and tried as an adult for his involvement in a shootout that left two men wounded. Having been released a few months ago on “discretionary parole,” Morris took part in the charity trend. Posting the video to Facebook tipped a concerned citizen to his apparent lack of discretion.

That person told the Omaha Police the address that the video was filmed at, usually embedded by most recording devices these days. The police issued a warrant and went after Morris.


During routine surveillance of the address given, Morris was spotted being driven away, and the police gave chase. Jesean Morris had allegedly lied about his identity to the police, and then proceeded to spit on one of them, and damaged the patrol car in his resistance to arrest.

Morris is now locked up in Douglas County jail all because he took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s doubtful that with a $40,000 bond, he will be able to make a donation at all.

[image via Thrifting…]