Sofia Vergara Parties Hard After Emmy Bit Is Criticized

Sofia Vergara isn’t letting complaints about her Emmy bit get her down or at least she wasn’t after the award ceremony.

According to Today, Sofia Vergara wasn’t thinking about the criticism she received after she showed off her assets during a segment that painted the star as a piece of meat worth staring at. Instead, it looks like she decided to dance the night away.

That said, Sofia wasn’t with her beau actor Joe Manganiello. Instead, the Modern Family star shook her groove thing with professional ballroom dancer Derek Hough, who was there to support Dancing with the Stars. Vergara went for a spin on the dance floor as Hough picked the Latin star up and twirled her in the middle of an already happening party.

Vergara shared a few photos on her Instagram account of her celebrating the night away with the cast of Modern Family.

Here are a few photos from Vergara’s fun night:

Sofia Vergara Emmys
Sofia Vergara Emmys photo
Sofia Vergara shares Emmy photos

As we reported, not many were pleased about Vergara’s bit during the Emmy awards which featured the actress standing on a raised platform with her arms spread as she rotated and posed for feasting eyes. During the segment, Television Arts and Sciences President Bruce Rosenblum used Sofia’s body as a perfect example of how television has been giving audiences something to look at for decades. This bit was orchestrated to celebrate the advancement of women — we think?

Unfortunately, television has oppressed women and has treated them as sexual objects and nothing more, and in a breakout year that has seen many women celebrated for their strong roles, the bit rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.


Despite having a fun time at the Emmys, Sofia did speak up about the criticism. Vergara said that she felt the joke was “absolutely the opposite” of what critics were saying it was. “It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself.”

Perhaps that sentiment got lost in translation somewhere?

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