‘Minecraft: PS4’ Edition Back In Certification, ‘Xbox One Edition’ Imminent

The patience of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners waiting on Minecraft has been tested since the open-world sandbox game was originally announced as a launch title for both consoles and then given an August 2014 release. Will that patience finally pay off? Console developer 4J Studios announced Tuesday that Minecraft: PlayStation 4Edition has been sent to Sony again for certification while the Xbox One Edition is not far behind.

Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition failed its first attempt at getting through Sony’s certification process failed after some issues were discovered as The Inquisitr reported last week. 4J Studios worked through to fix those issues and just sent it back in for certification once again.

Meanwhile, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is still being worked on and is lagging behind the PS4 Edition even though the feature set is the same. However, it’s not too far behind based on this Tweet by 4J Studios.

As mentioned before, the certification takes no more than two weeks and then the game should be released. The best case scenario for the Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition is that it’s testing won’t take as long due to being through the process once and releases on Tuesday, September 2nd when the Playstation Store updates. Otherwise, the game will be released on September 9th.

Meanwhile, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition could make the usual Wednesday digital release for Xbox Live on September 10th assuming that certification is smooth sailing and ends quickly. Microsoft is known for making Friday releases as well though it could end being released the following week.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and PlayStation 3 Edition will also be receiving a small update to support the ability to transfer worlds from that version of the game to the Xbox One Edition and PlayStation 4 Edition plus PS Vita Edition.

Finally, Minecraft: PS Vita Edition is in the same boat as the Xbox One Edition when it comes to testing and release.

Whether “a bit more” means it will be sent to certification this week or later is an open question.


Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition and Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will support worlds that are 36 times larger than the PS3 Edition and Xbox 360 Edition. They will also support transferring worlds to the new editions. Increased multiplayer size and the ability to increase transferred world sizes will have to wait for an update, however.

Existing Xbox 360 and PS3 owners of Minecraft can upgrade to the next-gen console version for $5. If you have already purchased or plan to purchase Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition, you will receive Minecraft: PS Vita Edition for free. Minecraft creator Mojang also recently teased the possibility of custom servers so console players can run persistent worlds even when they are not playing.

Existing skin packs and texture packs will carry over to Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition, Minecraft: PS Vita Edition and Minecraft: Xbox One Edition. The exception is the Marvel skin packs due to licensing rights.

Updates for the Minecraft will continue for all platforms once the PS4 Edition, Xbox One Edition, and PS Vita Edition are released starting with update TU 17 / 1.07. Horses, Wither bosses, and Hoppers have all been teased for future updates; we just don’t know which one yet.

[Image via Planet Minecraft]