Oldest Paperboy Still Makes Rounds At 100 Years Old

Most of us struggle to wake up in the morning to get to work, but that is not the case for Walter Sharp, a WWII veteran who wakes up at 6:30 am every day to deliver papers. But that’s not all — Sharp is 100 years old.

Sharp, who lives in Camelon, Falkirk in Scotland, took the job of delivering newspapers when he retired in 1979. He credits his long life to his morning routine.

“If you keep walking, you’ll keep living. I’m up with the larks picking up papers for the neighbors. I certainly don’t feel 100.”

According to The Scotsman, Sharp takes ten tablets for his heart and blood pressure daily, but that doesn’t stop him from doing his work as a paperboy. Harsh weather conditions also don’t stop Mr. Sharp from delivering newspapers to his neighbors. He does his routine daily accompanied by his little friend Harry, a West Highland terrier.

The Huffington Post reports that Sharp celebrated his 100th birthday earlier this month. “I don’t do this for money but just want to be a good neighbor and help others. You are never too old to lend a hand,” he said. Helping others is what he does best. Instead of receiving gifts for his birthday, he asked his friends to donate to the Forth Valley Talking Newspapers, an associated dedicated to helping the visually impaired have access to news through audio recordings.

Sharp’s son Brian, 67, said that his father’s 100th birthday didn’t go unnoticed by their neighbors.


“He’s probably the oldest paperboy in the world. He’s quite a character. He is overwhelmed by all the cards he’s had and wants to thank everyone who sent one. He has received 108 cards so far, a lot of them from people he meets out walking Harry and local shop owners who all know and love him and Harry who are inseparable.”

The local newspaper agent where Sharp gets his newspapers said, “Mr. Sharp is first at the door every morning. He looks years younger and has the stamina of someone half his age.”

Sharp was born in 1914, just a few days after the WWI started. After serving in the Army, Sharp worked as a storeman for an iron foundry until his retirement. Soon after, he became a paperboy in his neighborhood, and he’s been enjoying delivering papers to his neighbors with the help of his dog Harry ever since.

[Image via Falkirk Herald]