Lion Attacks Teacher In Circus Cage: Lion Mauls Teacher In Front Of Students [Video]

Lion Attacks Teacher At Circus

A lion attacked a teacher who volunteered to enter his cage, and it turned into a nightmare. Her young students were all there to witness all of it.

The Mirror reports Roxana Guevara was grabbed by the animal around her throat and tossed around like a rag doll. Thankfully, the woman made it out alive and can talk about her experience now. This incident took place about a week ago in the Peruvian city of Cuzco. New York Daily News reports it as being the Monaco Circus in Cuzco.

When Roxana was in the lion’s gripping jaws, at some point she was able to free herself from him, at which point she staggers away to get out of the cage as the lion tamer chased him around with a stick.

After the lion mauls the teacher, she miraculously comes out only suffering severe scratches to her neck and chest.

The irony here is that the teacher wanted to show her pupils that the lion wasn’t aggressive. It backfired and showed that’s exactly what animals that typically live in the wild can be.

“The lion tamer told me, ‘Don’t be afraid, we’ve done this before and it’s very docile,'” Roxana shares

Talking from the hospital, the teacher explains the lion attack in more detail:

“It crushed my back when it jumped on top of me. I couldn’t do anything. It grabbed my throat with its claws. I thought I was going to die.”

Three lions from the circus, including the one that attacked the teacher — Smith — were removed while a police investigation is launched. A monkey was also taken away.

Circus bosses are said to have broken a law banning the use of wild animals that was introduced in July 2011.

Officials report they will look for more appropriate homes for the animals they took from the circus group.

Luckily, Roxana Guervara came out of this violent scene escaping death and lacked any severe injuries. It could have easily and quickly been a fatal maul by the lion. The teacher’s attack by the lion did teach her students one very important lesson; animals meant for the wild are unpredictable and can attack at any moment.

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