Buddha Pears In China Are A Culinary Miracle, Never Mind The Sexy Peaches Wearing Underwear

Is that a pear in the shape of Buddhism’s most important spiritual leader? You Buddha believe it. The Buddha pears in China may seem like finding an image of Jesus Christ on your toast, but in this case there is no claim of any miracles taking place.

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Chinese farmer Hao Xianzhang has an enterprising spirit, and he came up with the novel idea of creating molds that allow gardeners with green thumbs to grow Buddha pears, square watermelons, cucumbers in the form of hearts, and even “sexy peaches” that wear little underwear. The idea is actually very simple and involves encasing a fruit or vegetable inside a plastic mold when it is still small. The plant then naturally fills up the available space, conforming to whatever shape the mold is in.

Xianzhang has grown over 10,000 Buddha pears in his backyard and he is now selling them for about $8 a piece. He says he got the idea from an old Chinese story about a magical fruit that was shaped like the Buddha. Despite the higher price, the Buddha pears have been selling like hotcakes since they represent good luck. The original myth claimed whomever ate the fruit could gain immortality.


Besides Buddha pears, the fruit molds can very be practical, as well. For example, the small company created a mold to form melons into squares, which makes for much easier cutting. The company called Fruit Moulds has an English website that ships internationally and the prices for the molds range from $1 to $18. If the idea becomes popular enough, you just know someone is eventually going to create a Jesus fruit mold.