Craigslist Seller Runs Rampant Around Grocery Store Brandishing Razor

Craigslist — it can a great way to find a deal, jobs, and even the infamous “missed connection.” But it can also be a place to find danger. A man allegedly chased another man into a local grocery store brandishing a razor over a heated Craigslist transaction in a Philadelphia suburb Saturday, reported local news affiliate WFMZ.

Chaz Rodriguez, the suspect, and the other man — who is still unnamed — met in the parking lot outside of Giant Food Store in Muhlenberg Township so that the unnamed man could purchase a Samsung Galaxy smartphone from Rodriguez. Although the victim had agreed to purchase the phone for $460 on Craigslist, he arrived to find that the phone was fake. After confronting Rodriguez, the two became embroiled in a heated exchange — which ended in Rodriguez pulling out a razor and chasing the victim into the grocery store where there were dozens of employees and customers.

When officers arrived they found Rodriguez still holding the weapon. He quickly dropped the razor upon their command. Unfortunately, the victim still suffered a two-inch gash on his chin from the attack, an injury that will probably end up costing him more than a $400 phone on Craigslist. Although none of the bystanders were hurt, one employee reported that he was nearly hit when he was caught between the two men.

Thankfully, a off-duty corrections officer was in the store. He was able to pull the two men apart — but Rodriguez is still facing hefty charges: aggravated and simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, terroristic threats with intent to terrorize another person, and disorderly conduct and harassment. His bail stands at $50,000.


Craigslist has been the site of other countless horrific crimes since its inception. In July, a woman who was eight months pregnant was decapitated by a Craigslist’s sex hookup. During the same month, a Reno, Nevada, man was found to have brutally tortured and murdered five dogs through Craigslist. One of the most infamous is Philip Markoff’s killing spree of three New York women immortalized in Lifetime’s The Craigslist Killer.

But, of course, there’s good news from Craigslist, too. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are actually casting for their newest project together using the advertising giant. Other success stories even pass by once in a while — another man got his stolen bike back after posting a Craigslist ad asking for its return. Still, Craigslist itself cautions that people should use discretion when meeting with possible buyers, sellers, or “missed connections” through the anonymity of cyberspace.

[Photo via Mulhenberg Township Police]